Robin Thicke brings back some of the class

First-time Grammy nominee Robin Thicke took the stage alongside legendary band, Chicago, at the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. While this combination made us a little uneasy initially, it ultimately proved to be easy on the ears. Plus, all of our moms and dads were super thrilled — and finally know who Robin Thicke even is.

While we know Robin Thicke for his controversial "Blurred Lines," Chicago has a list of hits that span decades. Tonight, the original '70s kings with their beloved horn section and the modern/raunchy pop artist joined forces on stage to perform a medley of Chicago's greatest hits, including "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?", "Saturday in the Park," and then topped off with — what else?— "Blurred Lines."

While Thicke certainly raised the bar for himself after he debuted his soccer referee outfit at the now infamous VMA twerkfest of August 2013, this performance proved to highlight that he is a) an adult male with some semblance of class and b) that he can actually sing. Although, we do wish the Grammy Tech Team had upped the volume on his mic at points, the Chicago oldtimers were showing him up there for a second or two.

Plus, if we managed to forget for a millisecond that Thicke loves his women as close to naked as possible, two sexy female dancers clad in tight red pants were present to bring us out of our PG-rated haze.

All in all, it was a pleasant musical journey back in time for all- especially for Mom and Dad all over the world.

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