Snowmageddon Is Upon Us

by Chris Tognotti

Well, it's getting to be that time again! With a new year upon us, and a couple months more of the winter season to go, broad swaths of the eastern seaboard will be contending with a dramatic, highly disruptive storm front. So, what do the denizens of social media think? Here's how Twitter reacted to Snowmageddon 2016, aka Winter Storm Jonas, from the serious takes and the appeals to safety to the... less than stoic reflections, let's say.

The culprit in this whole thing is that aforementioned winter storm, Jonas, which has been rolling through the American southeast, and is now headed northwards. Remember, if you're in any of the states already affected by the storms, or if you're in its path, safety is paramount. It's expected to hit in Mississippi, Virginia, and the Carolinas throughout Friday before heading north, according to Al Jazeera, with Saturday seeing the storm moving into the Mid-Atlantic coast, including New Jersey and New York.

But never fear! The human spirit cannot be dimmed. Here's a fun sampling of what how folks on Twitter having been saying and doing to get ready for Snowmageddon 2016. And please, do your best to stay toasty, alright? It's been a rough enough winter for weather already.

The Simple "Hey, Look Out!"

It's always nice to know just what you're facing off against as far as extreme or aberrant weather goes, which is why those Twitter accounts that have more or less played it straight with storm-related info are such a godsend right now. And for that kind of information, you can usually rely on the Red Cross ― needless to say, natural disaster preparedness and response is kind of their thing.

Hey, Like The Jonas Brothers!

Winter Storm Jonas was first named as such by The Weather Channel, and the name's association with now-disbanded pop rock group The Jonas Brothers is evident. This has been true whether or not the people responding are simple, everyday tweeters...

Hey, I'm A Jonas Brother!

... or, when one of the former members of the eponymous fraternal band decides to join in on the fun, like Nick Jonas did on Thursday.

Hey, I'm A Jonas Brother Too!

Kevin Jonas got in on the act, too! The only one missing now is Joe Jonas. He's not going to leave us hanging, is he!?

Hey, So Am I!

Nope, he won't! That's three-for-three. Although, this does raise a pretty compelling question: If all three of the Jonas Brothers are tweeting about the storm, who's operating the climate-controlling supercomputer that's behind all of this free publicity?

Weezer Gets In On The Fun

Looks like the fine folks of Weezer (comprised of Scott Shriner, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson, and decades-long frontman Rivers Cuomo) aren't above jumping into the Winter Storm Jonas-related fun. This is a reference to My Name Is Jonas, the first track from the band's inaugural album in 1994.

Snowed In, Get It?

Bravo, sir. Sure, some people think Edward Snowden is a traitor and a fugitive who deserves prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. But might those hard hearts be warmed by this expert joke tweet? Snowden's Twitter humor, in fact, has been one of the most humanizing things about him ― that and the cats.

The Educational Opportunity!

You can't slip one past the folks over at Scholastic, the longtime publisher of countless children's books ― I can still remember all the little Scholastic logos on the books in my elementary school library. As they credited in their tweet, the image came from the Upton Public Library.

The Boozy Opportunity!

Has there ever been a truer, more socially important tweet than this? Whether or not you're a wine drinker, Winter Storm Jonas could make for at least hip flask conditions. Anything to keep yourself warm.