Louis Tomlinson's Hinted At Baby Names Before

Did you hear the news? The One Direction members truly are growing up, because on Friday People reported that Louis Tomlinson is now a father to a baby boy with Briana Jungwirth. That was fast. It seems just like yesterday it was announced the 24-year-old singer would soon be a dad — and now he is! Besides the baby's gender, no other details have been revealed. Bustle has reached out to Tomlinson's rep for comment, but did not receive an immediate response. So, until additional information is unveiled, it's time to speculate. What is Louis Tomlinson's baby's name?

Thanks to an interview Tomlinson had with Tops of the Pops in 2012, he might've given it away. Apparently, he likes "L" names. "I’ve always quite liked the name Leo. If I had a boy, I’d quite like to call him Leo, but I like Lucas as well," he said. Well, well, well. It looks like the singer has some good taste when it comes to names. I'm totally down with either of those. First of all, Leo reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio. Obviously, that is a great choice. Secondly, Lucas takes me back to One Tree Hill, where Chad Michael Murray played Lucas Scott. You can't go wrong with either of those.

I have the utmost faith in Tomlinson when it comes to selecting a moniker for his baby boy. Of course, he and Jungwirth have to choose a name together and may choose something different, but I'm liking where his mind is at. However, if you were to ask 1D's Liam Payne about baby names, he doesn't seem to think he or any of his fellow band member would be able to name a child.

At the 2015 American Music Awards, Payne revealed when it comes to selecting song and album titles, well, they aren't creative enough in that department. "Somebody always comes up with a name for us, we are rubbish," he said. "We are so bad at picking titles. It’s like naming children — we are going to have a real problem when we have kids, we’ll be emailing each other going 'what shall we name this kid?'"

Maybe Tomlinson will run to his bandmates for help, but let's hope not. If they're really not creative in the naming department, then they definitely shouldn't be aiding in the naming of a child. Plus, based on Tomlinson's previous choices, I think he's quite capable.

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