How To Turn Your Eyeshadow Into Liquid Liner

All those Internet eye tutorials are amazing, amirite? (I'm looking at you, Instagram). They have so many tricks! One of the tricks I see most often is to turn eyeshadow into liquid liner, or something resembling liquid liner. Ad the results are stunning. I mean, these makeup artists (and even if they're unlicensed bloggers or makeup fans, I'm calling them artists, because daaaang) can take a regular old eye and make it look like an eye you should only be see on, like Cleopatra, Beyonce, or some other such royalty.

Transforming your eyeshadow into liquid liner is the smart way to experiment with makeup for a bunch of reasons. First, if you have it on hand, you don't need to go out and buy eye liners in a bunch of colors. Second, your color selection is only limited to your eyeshadow collection, which is likely much more colorful that your liner selection. Third, eyeshadow often has a shimmer that liners lack. Yay glitter! And finally, if you mess it up, especially if you started with a color you don't normally wear, nothing is really lost.

If you're ready to get your royal eyes on, grab your favorite palette and settle in. It's pretty easy, too, so that's a bonus,.

1. The Eyedrop Method

This method uses drugstore eye drops, like Visine, to turn black eyeshadow into eyeliner. There's even a way to make it waterproof, by adding in some waterproof lash topcoat.

2. The Water Method

This method takes plain water and mixes it with eyeshadow to create bright blue magic. Just apply it with a wet brush and you're golden.

3. The Re-Wetting Method

Have you ever used nail polish thinner to restore a gluey polish? Well There are also re-wetting drops designed to restore old mascara or dried out liquid eyeliner. And it makes an excellent medium for creating waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Inglot Duraline, $11,

4. The Setting Spray Method

This method uses some of the setting spray that you use to keep your makeup in place to craft some liquid eyeliner in a pinch. Genius.

You can do the same thing with primer, or with aloe vera gel. And the results are surprisingly smear and water proof.

NYX Born To Glow Illuminating Primer, $13.99,

5. The Custom Pigments Method

If you have pigments that you use to make eyeshadow laying around, you can make a DIY liquid liner from scratch using an old liner bottle, aloe vera gel and powder pigments.

Aloe Vera Gel, $5.50,

So when in doubt, just dip your brush into a face-safe liquid and mix it into your shadow! Game changer or what?

Images: Pexels; Courtesy Brands