The Sporting Events The Snow Storm Might Affect

by April Siese

Severe weather is affecting millions throughout the country. Its impact can be felt in every empty supermarket aisle and on every silent, snowy road without a single car in sight. Those counting on bundling up, staying indoors, and say, catching a college basketball game may want to check their schedules before trying to tune in. Copious sports match-ups affected by Winter Storm Jonas have had to shift their games or cancel altogether with distant plans of rescheduling. Two of the biggest games of the year are set to take place in rather frigid parts of the country. The New England Patriots will be facing the Denver Broncos on Sunday night for the AFC Championship. That game, to be held in Denver, will be unaffected by the blizzard.

It's still as yet unclear whether the NFL will face unplayable conditions during the NFC Championship. The Carolina Panthers' home field advantage has put their game against the Arizona Cardinals into question, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of the Panthers' Twitter feed. The NFC South champs took to the frigid grounds of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, for practice earlier on Friday. Groundskeepers have done an impressive job of clearing off the field as best they can given the wintry conditions. Winter weather warnings in the region have only been issued until Saturday night at 7 p.m. The NFC Championship is currently scheduled for 3 p.m. EST.

Fellow Charlotte-based team The Hornets have tentative plans to return home on Friday so they can face the New York Knicks. They'll be coming from a game in Orlando, thus traveling north is a bit of a concern. That Sunday game against the Knicks has yet to be postponed. The Utah Jazz were scheduled to face the Washington Wizards in the nation's capital, though that game has been postponed but has yet to be rescheduled. The Philadelphia 76ers are fully confident that their rescheduled game against the Boston Celtics on Sunday will play out without issue, their abysmal record notwithstanding.

In the college basketball world, a dizzying amount of ACC as well as smaller conference games have been affected throughout the weekend, with a majority of games moving from Saturday to Sunday. The most distant rescheduling is that of Holy Cross, who were set to face American on Sunday. Both teams will now have to wait until the beginning of February for their match-up.

Perhaps the only surprise of all the rescheduling is the fact that the most winter-friendly sport of all, hockey, is facing the chilling effects of Winter Storm Jonas. The Washington Capitals home game against the Anaheim Ducks has been postponed and it's unclear if conditions will be amiable enough for the Caps to resume play on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Penguins. For sports in flux, you may be better off firing up ESPN Classic and watching notable winter games in the comfort of your home. It certainly beats practicing in the snow à la Cam Newton and co.