Updates To Winter Storm Jonas Overnight

Well, this is one winter wonderland you might now want to walk in, especially if you're in the northeastern or southern parts of the U.S. Massive amounts of snow continues to be dumped across large swathes of the regions, causing major traffic snafus, high winds, and—in some cases—flooding. But unfortunately, the latest updates to the blizzard show that Jonas is far from over.

The biggest updates seem to be coming from New York. On Saturday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo added New York to the list of states under a state of emergency, and issued a travel ban in both Long Island and New York City, limiting any travel on the road to emergency vehicles only. Cuomo said that the snowplows could not keep up with the amount of snow coming down, and that the streets would be shut down in an "orderly way" starting at 2:30 p.m. local time, so drivers currently on the road would have a chance to get home.

Other parts of the region faced massive amounts of snowfall, flooding, and heavy winds, making it hard for utility companies to keep up with the hundreds of thousands of people without power. Winchester, Virginia and Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, seem to have taken the top spot in terms of snowfall at 30 inches. Compare that to the 13 inches of snow that's fallen in Brooklyn as of this writing to see why Winchester and Roaring Spring probably don't want that dubious honor.

Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

North Carolina seems to be the hardest hit in terms of power outages. As of 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, 140,000 households were without power (which, uh, apparently has not merited a cancellation of the Duke v. North Carolina basketball game on Saturday afternoon). That is more than New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia combined. New Jersey runs a second in terms of total number at 90,046.

New Jersey is also dealing with coastal flooding, particularly in the southern parts of the state. Gov. Chris Christie, who declared a state of emergency in the state on Friday, left the campaign trail to come back to his state and deal with the situation, and has advised residents to stay put. He seems optimistic, though, and says that everything should be fine by the time people prepare for work on Monday. There is also a flood warning in Delaware and the southern coast of Long Island.

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Meanwhile, drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike have been stranded since Friday night and into Saturday morning thanks to high winds and heavy blowing snow. A bus carrying the Duquesne University men's basketball team has been stranded for over 12 hours. Kentucky has finally been freed of a 35-mile clog at 9 a.m. Saturday morning. Drivers were reportedly stranded on the shutdown interstate for up to 10 hours.

Conclusion? If you're in the affected region, it seems like a pretty good day for Netflix and absolutely nothing else.