15 Presents for the Perfect Night In

These days, it's hard to imagine life without Netflix. In its nearly 10-year-old lifespan, the streaming service has made itself right at home in our living rooms (and our lives) by punctuating even our everyday conversations with its presence. "Netflix and chill," a once-innocent phrase, is now widely recognized as a euphemism for a casual hookup — one that may or may not begin by streaming some M ozart in the Jungle.

While Netflix has forever altered the way we binge-watch our favorite shows, it's definitely woven itself into our social lives for the long run, too. From recommending series to our coworkers to debating the Steven Avery case during our family Christmas celebration, Netflix has transformed the way people experience and talk about television. (After all, almost everyone has a subscription — or knows the password of someone else who does, anyway.)

But perhaps the best bonding of all is done whilst Netflix and chilling. So, it's best to prepare friends, family, and yourself for the cultural phenomenon. Transform your significant other's living room into the lap of luxury with a warming patterned throw, or gift yourself with a remote control locator because it's always the right time to treat yourself.

Either way, whether a Netflix and chill session means just that (hanging out) or it includes something a little more, there are some very necessary supplies that every Netflix-and-chill-er needs. This list of essentials will take you and your S.O.'s night of premium streaming content (or your bestie's girl's-night-in) to the next level.

A Way to Find the Lost Remote

Kollea Intelligent Wireless Remote Locator , $24.99, Amazon

When it comes to a solid night of binge-watching, there's nothing worse than losing the remote. But with a touch of a this gadget's candy-colored button, your lost clicker will beep and light up (especially helpful after you've already hit the mood lighting). Bonus: This transmitter comes with five receivers, so you can even use it to find other often-lost items. Score!

Tinted Lip Balm

CoverGirl 245 Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm in Luv Bug , $4.24, Amazon

The art of mastering the Netflix and chill night is about keeping things effortless and casual. Help your BFF moisturize her lips without a whole lot of product. This particular lip balm is full of lip conditioners, keeping her pucker extra soft, even during these drying winter months.

Foot Massager

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager , $74.95, Amazon

When you have the opportunity to indulge in a genuine Netflix and chill night, it's important to take full advantage by getting 100-percent relaxed. Enter: The foot massager. This little baby is sure to make anyone forget all of life's major stresses, from noisy neighbors to unfinished work projects.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick , $39.99, Amazon

Next necessity? Get those Netflix movies and shows up on the big screen. This nifty gadget plugs directly into the HDMI port on your TV, using your WiFi connection to stream all your favorites (Netflix, HBO Go, Prime Movies, etc.) right to your TV. The Amazon Fire TV Stick gets your friend out of her cramped bedroom and into her living room — ready to enjoy her Netflix and chill night in comfort. (It also comes with a handy little remote, making the Amazon Fire Stick much more user-friendly than other streaming products!)

A Projector

Rienar Multimedia Micro Projector Cinema Theater , $67.99, Amazon

Why settle for a small screen — including your TV — when you can use the entire wall? If your pal has a blank space needing more than a T. Swift poster, this projector is definitely the best way to go. It offers a crystal-clear picture and connects to almost any device you might have, from your laptop or gaming console to a traditional DVD player. Nothing like going to the movies without leaving your house!

Awesome Joggers

GUESS Women's Emerie Moto Joggers , $39.99, Amazon

This pair of mega-comfortable athleisure pants are a serious must-have. With a casual fit and adorable detailing, these joggers are perfect for everything from a Netflix night in to running errands during the rest of the weekend. Topped with a jean jacket and some chic shoes, your friend will be able to incorporate this slick look into her work-casual wardrobe.

High-Quality Speaker

JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker , $89.95, Amazon

After your Netflix and chill sesh has begun, it's too late to realize that those built-in laptop speakers are way too quiet to watch the season's best shows with your sweetheart. Bring in the noise with a set of Bluetooth speakers that look sharp and sound even better. Gift them to your BFF if you're really feeling the love.

Laptop Table

Aleratec Bamboo Cooling Stand With Fan Table Desk , $54.99, Amazon

But, if your girl has noisy roommates and is therefore committed to watching Netflix from the comfort of her bed, we've got her covered, too. This adjustable laptop table will make watching her screen easier and features a vented bamboo surface with fan. (That means no awkward whirling noises to spoil the mood.)

Cozy Blanket

Sunbeam Electric Throw , $59.60, Amazon

If your friend is a fan of scary movies, she'll need a huge, warm blanket to hide under when things get a little too scary. This electric blanket is extra cuddly, super soft, and it comes with three different heat seatings to keep her warm and comfy. Plus, jewel-toned hues are a seriously sophisticated way to cuddle.

A Super Soft Top

Calvin Klein Seamed Tunic , $59, Amazon

Curling up on the couch is no time for uncomfortable buttons or tight-flitting tops. Not only does this super comfortable tunic have a relaxed fit that's perfect for lounging, but it's really cute, too. No more apologies to the pizza guy for your mismatched pajamas!

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Vino2Go Wine Tumblers , $11.45, Amazon

Nothing ruins your Netflix and chill mood faster than a broken wine glass, amirite? With one accidental nudge or misplaced leg, you can take your night from casual and comfy to the ending of that half-finished horror film. Do yourself a favor by getting these amazing (and accident-proof!) set of wine tumblers.

Conversation Piece Socks

OSABASA Famous Collection Painting , $10.90, Amazon

Wearing shoes inside is typically frowned upon in polite society (certainly in the Netflix and chill demographic), but nobody likes having cold feet. These socks are the simplest solution to keeping feet toasty-warm, and with eye-catching works of art printed across your feet, you're guaranteed to have the nicest conversation piece in the room.

Heating Pad

Multi-fuctional Warming Pad , $31.99, Amazon

Netflix cuddles can take an uncomfortable turn if frozen feet are involved. Help your ride-or-die out by giving her this fleece-covered heating pad, which she can throw over her feet to help keep her Netflix-and-chill night toasty warm. Bonus: The floral pattern is definitely a step up from the boring cream one your parents keep at home.

Couch Caddy

Trademark 6 Pocket Arm Rest Organizer with Table-Top , $8.55, Amazon

Hey, your BFF is going to need a place to set that wine. Get her the gift that keeps on giving with this much-needed couch caddy. Its fuss-free hue will match any furniture she's already got, and at that hard-to-beat price point, there's no reason not to make her life a little bit easier.


Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count , $13.97, Amazon

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