Madonna rolled up to the E! red carpet with her usual finesse and pizzazz except this time she had possibly the cutest accessory on hand, her son, David. Madonna and David were interviewed by the always overly energetic Ryan Seacrest who not only questioned the whole outfit situation (the matching), but also what was going on inside Madonna's bedazzled chomper. That's right, girls got a grill. No, we're not happy about it, either. Don't worry though, David assured Ryan that although he isn't grilled at the moment, mom is going to get him one for his next birthday. Anyway, down to the real business of the thing, what the hell is going on with Madge?!

William Shakespeare once posed the question, "To be or not to be?" Well, I don't know who was listening to that obvious hack, because Twitter just did one better and so bravely asked the world, "Why is Madonna" (no question mark, obvs.) Well, why IS Madonna? Now, don't sit there and be all "That doesn't make any sense!" It makes loads of sense. "Why is Madonna...what?" You ask. "Exactly." I answer. Now, understandably you may still be slightly confused. So, what better way to ask such a thought provoking question than to appeal to the intellectuals and scholars on The Twitter. Surely, they can help you conceive WHY IS MADONNA.

@HitFixLiane wants to know, "Why is Madonna dressed like Salvador Dali on the red carpet? #GRAMMYS" We want to know, too, Liane.

Continuing with the identity crisis tweets, @RubinReport pondered, "Why is #Madonna dressed like an old Italian priest?" and @Siousxzy posed, "Why is #Madonna at the #Grammys dressed as Kane from Poltergeist 2?!"

Some people, like @LukkeLi, just got down to the basics saying, "Why is Madonna performing..." Ouch.

At Bustle, we don't only rely on silly old Twitter. Our writers and editors have taken the initiative to come up with their own answers:

Why is Madonna dressed like twinsies with her adopted son, David?

Why is Madonna at the Grammys and not at home right now in hiding over her Instagram post last week?

Why is Madonna not on American Horror Story: Coven?

Why is Madonna, Madonna?

Why is Madonna not forging the river on the Oregon trail?

Why is Madonna at the Grammys and not at the Cracker Barrel?

Why is Madonna a villian in a Tennessee Williams play?

Take this, mull it over, enroll in a philosophy class, and thank Twitter for opening your eyes to a higher consciousness. After all, Why is Madonna.