Ways People Are Dealing With Winter Storm Jonas

by April Siese

The northeast is getting inundated with snow this weekend. The blizzard affecting some 50 million people has folks effectively snowed in or at least limited in what they can do. Though the worst is expected to last just over the weekend, that's still enough time to go a bit stir-crazy. This is where the more enterprising souls come in, taking a potential snowmageddon and turning it into a snowtopia. The many ways people are dealing with Winter Storm Jonas range from facing the weather head on to simply marking its impact with a ruler. After all, 24 inches of snow is quite impressive.

Perhaps the best way to amuse yourself and your neighbors in the face of record-setting snowfall is through normal activities. Shoveling snow can be a surprisingly meditative activity, especially if you're doing so dressed as a tyrannosaurus rex. Cliff White donned his dinosaur best when attempting to shovel snow in front of his Fort Campbell, Kentucky home. The move was brought on by a dare from a neighbor and proved to be surprisingly beneficial to both White and those watching. The video went viral and White was productive while staying warm. The Army soldier explained in an interview with Time Magazine:

I was in my boxers because that thing warms up real good but besides T. Rex having such short arms, it was really comfortable. I could do this all day.

No time like the present to get in costume and shovel some snow or try one of these creative suggestions to combat the Winter Storm Jonas blues.

Trying To Frolic

If a tiny corgi can have the determination to thrust itself forward for the sake of frolicking, tackling snow with little results, then maybe so can you. Tian Tian, a resident panda at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. gets a perfect 10 for losing himself to the winter weather and properly enjoying a roll in the snow.

Letting The Dogs Out

Who better to embrace the winter weather than hyped up dogs with natural fur coats? When it comes to truly embracing nearly two feet of powder, dogs are second to none in their enjoyment.

Taking Care Of Business

...and by business I mean every little weird thing your heart desires. That includes the aforementioned T-Rex snow shoveling as well as coming up with your best rhymes and building a tiny Star Wars set because Winter Storm Jonas has basically turned the Northeast into Hoth. If you have any luck in leaving, heed the advice of Twitter user Kowboy4eva — you gotta jack a cone.

Staying Active

This weather was made to be snowboarded upon and slid down. I can't completely advocate for trying to swim in the snow unless you've made a hefty bet with someone your snowed in with or just really miss snow's warmer form, water.

Measuring Time And Snow

As you binge watch yet another Netflix original, you may find yourself wondering just what in the world is going on outside. Grab a ruler, open your door, and prepare to be amazed at all the snow that's accumulated since you last paused Making A Murderer to make you some nachos.

Making The Most Of It

As the snow must go on, so too must the show. Washington, D.C. is still celebrating its version of Mardi Gras and people around the country are chilling their beers in nature's ice chest. There are certainly worse ways to spend Winter Storm Jonas. Cheers!