Why You Should Marathon 'Chelsea Does' Right Now

by Loretta Donelan

Chelsea Lately fans, rejoice! There's a new Chelsea Handler talkshow called Chelsea Does on Netflix. Since Chelsea Lately ended in 2014, Handler has been a little bit under the radar. But 2016 seems to be her year — or, at least a year in which she gets plenty of attention. So far, Handler has released an app called Gotta Go, which provides brilliant excuses for getting out of social scenarios, and now, she's got a brand spankin' new show. Not bad, considering 2016 just began 23 days ago!

The show itself, which was released on Saturday, is pretty easy to get through, making it prime viewing whether you're stuck indoors thanks to winter storm Jonas on the East Coast, or just hanging out at home because the weather is slightly cloudy on the West Coast. Netflix has only released four episodes so far, but each is well over an hour. For those who were hoping for Chelsea Lately 2.0, though, the show is quite a departure from the late-night format. Each new episode of Chelsea Does deals with a new theme, and features Chelsea traveling around to find out as much as she can about the topic. But it's still the same old Chelsea: Hilarious, oblivious, and sometimes quite offensive. If you're still a little confused about her new Netflix show, here's a guide to its unique format and premise.

The Subject Matter Is Pretty Serious

Each episode, Chelsea "does" one subject; the subjects are marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drugs. While all of the topics go deeper than many comedians might, racism is obviously the largest, and most potentially talked-about topic that Handler explores.

There Are Some Celeb Appearances, But She Mostly Talks To Everyday People

One recurring feature of the episodes is dinners that Handler has with her friends, discussing the topics at hand in an informal way. These often feature famous faces like Margaret Cho and Jason Biggs, and other celebs occasionally flit in and out. However, most of the interviews Handler conducts are with everyday people, like children, workers, and the occasional expert.

It's Not All About The Jokes

There are quite a few laugh-out-loud funny moments on Chelsea Does, but the show, in general, has a surprisingly serious tone. Her journey seems more like a real emotional experience than a farce or stunt. So people who are looking for laugh after laugh — or who are afraid of sentimentality — might be in for a surprise.

There's Some Immersion Journalism

While there are a lot of interviews and conversations, another humorous element of the show is Handler's immersive experience. The Silicon Valley episode is where Handler pitches and develops her Gotta Go app, for instance.

Chelsea Does is now available on Netflix. It's sure to stir up plenty of water cooler talk come Monday, so you should probably get ahead of the zeitgeist and enjoy a pretty entertaining, and amazingly thought-provoking, new show.

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