"Royals" Is Your Song Of The Year

The Grammys officially got hip in 2014 and Lorde took home the coveted Song Of The Year award for her breakout hit, "Royals". The 17-year-old singer gave a hauntingly beautiful performance of the song and took home the award for Best Pop Solo Performance earlier in the night but this is by far her biggest accomplishment. I guess she didn't really need a nod for Best New Artist after all, considering she just beat out some big-time, established performers. GO LORDE.

This year's category was extremely stacked with P!nk and Ruess from Fun., Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis accompanying the Pure Heroine singer, but only one song and one artist can rule them all and tonight, it was Lorde.

If we didn't love her enough before, we absolutely love her now. Seriously, there is nothing not to love about 2013's break out star and her absolutely humble acceptance speeches, even if they lacked any controversy whatsoever. (But hey, she isn't Miley Cyrus so stop trying to make that happen.)

It's an accomplishment, even though we're not so surprised because of the greatness Lorde's already shown in her debut, to beat these well-established artists, so here's to more Lorde-domination in 2014.

Watch her acceptance here:

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