How Much Snow Will You See This Weekend?

by Chris Tognotti

If you live along the east coast, there's a distinct possibility that this hasn't been the best couple of days for you. That's all thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, which is still ongoing ― it brought harsh cold and furious, dangerous blizzards to the northeast on Saturday, even prompting a temporary travel ban in New York. Jonas is expected to still be in force through Sunday morning, before eventually moving out into the Atlantic Ocean. So, just how much snow will there be this weekend?

Well, to start with, here's a broad strokes answer: a lot of snow. No joke, a lot of snow. The precise amount varies depending on just where you are. obviously, but judging by the reports so far, Jonas has visited staggering amounts of snowfall upon some cities, towns, and states in its path.

As a prime example, take the present conditions in West Virginia. Despite the huge amounts of attention being drawn to Jonas' effect on a handful of major metropolitan cities ― New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore chiefly among them ― it was West Virginia that was the most inundated. Specifically, the community of Glengary, West Virginia, which notched a total snowfall of no less than 40 inches. To put it another way, that's three feet and four inches of snow.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Here are some of the other snowfall figures from throughout the affected areas, as The Weather Channel's Nick Wiltgen, Chris Dolce, and Quincy Vagell have been reporting throughout the day. Remember, if you're in one of these places with a super-high rate of snowfall, make sure to stay safe and secure until things calm down.

  • The city of New York (and state of New York) have seen a top snowfall of more than two feet, with reports of just over 27 inches of snow at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  • The state of New Jersey is expected to receive anywhere from 24 to 30 inches of snowfall before it's all said and done, according to the National Weather Service, and hopefully that won't be the case ― it's already suffering from heavy floods as a result of the storm.
  • Massachusetts hasn't yet been hit quite as badly as the rest of these places, but the number is one the rise, with a reported ten inches of snowfall already. The city of Boston is expected to fare better than any of the other ones listed above, with only four to six inches of snowfall expected.

In other words, like I said, a lot of snow. And it's been taking a pretty heavy toll so far ― according to the AP, east coast officials on Saturday already attributed 18 deaths to Winter Storm Jonas, and in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo put a temporary travel ban put into place, citing the snow and high winds causing "whiteout" conditions too dangerous for driving.

In fact, if you're in one of these affected areas, why not do yourself a favor and stay indoors too? No good can come of taking any needless risks with this sort of thing, especially with that light at the end of the tunnel getting so much closer.