'SNL' Isn't Afraid Of Any Blizzard

by Marisa LaScala

New York City basically came to a standstill during the January 23 Blizzard of 2016, aka Winter Storm Jonas (if you have to call it that). The mayor called for a travel ban, keeping people housebound as of the early afternoon. Some of the subways shut down. Broadway shows all went dark. (If you had a ticket to Hamilton, you have my deepest sympathy.) But one New York City staple refused to shut down: Saturday Night Live. The Ronda Rousey episode went ahead as planned, and, from the sound of it, even had a studio audience. How that audience got home is anyone's guess. But the show forged ahead, and the blizzard turned into a constant punchline for SNL's jokes.

It started with Rousey's monologue. She referenced the travel ban and the closed Broadway shows, saying it was great being on SNL because "tonight we're literally the only show in town." Oh, Rousey. Don't sell yourself so short. We'd still be watching SNL even if Broadway was up and running — and not just because most Broadway shows are over before SNL starts.

Later, during "Weekend Update," they referenced the travel ban again. "The only person who didn't pay attention?" Michael Che asked. "My boss," he answered, flashing a picture of Lorne Michaels.

"Update" also had a running gag checking in with that one friend who insists it's not actually that bad. (We all have that one friend who insists the blizzard is not so bad. Don't be that friend. That friend is annoying.) Update cut to Bobby Moynihan, who really did seem to be in the outdoors, insisting that the show wasn't so bad.

When they checked in with him again later in the segment, he had died of exposure. See, that's what happens when you're that friend. People wish frostbite on you.

They may have joked about it throughout the episode about how dangerous it was to go ahead with SNL, but I, for one, am really happy they showed up to work. I could say it's because it shows that you can't really stop New York City, no matter what you throw at it. But, really, I'm just happy to have something to watch while I'm stuck inside.

Image: Getty