Ivanka Trump Made A Phone-Charging Handbag

How bummed do you get when glancing at your phone halfway through the workday, only to notice that your battery is hovering at an alarming 20 percent? Well, you'll never have to feel that groan-inducing sensation again thanks to Ivanka Trump's wearable tech line. She clearly understands the plights of a working woman, and designed a line of chargeable handbags that'll keep your phone battery at a satisfying full charge. If you fear the inability to check your emails, send GIFs to your boss, or Instagram your afternoon pick-me-up because of a dwindling battery come 3 PM, you'll love that this new handbag means you'll never have to stress about closing all your apps again.

According to Mashable, "The businesswoman launched her first venture into wearable tech this past December with the Rio Tech Sleeve and has since expanded to include products like the Soho Tote and Turner Shopper." And now, handbags.

Sold at Zappos, the line is elegant and classy, just like its creator. But with a stylish handbag comes a stylish price. The bags run from $95 to $295. While it might be a pretty penny, it's one of those purses you obviously get as an investment.

The handbags are understated and come in minimalist colors of white, black, leathery browns, and metallics, and in all sorts of sizes — from hefty totes to compartmentalized organizers to small clutches. Inspired by the working woman, as Mashable reported, Trump designed the bags to help the gal on the go keep her life moving smoothly.

Trump told Mashable, "Wearable tech makes so much sense for our customer — she's got a full life and plays many roles. [The products] are true multi-taskers, much like the modern woman who works."

And by "multi-taskers" she doesn't just mean a woman who can shuffle and cram a schedule like a pro. She also designed the line to move between work and play. Each piece is supposed to easily transition from the office to a cocktail date to running errands in the morning. She told Mashable, "On Saturday, I'll use it for errands or play dates, styled with a pair of ponté pants and lace-up flats. It's also great as a gym bag — no more worrying about your phone dying while you are on the treadmill!"

When thinking about the mess of purses I have tumbling around my closet (from dainty clutches to cross-body bags), this type of all-purpose bag seems like a godsend.

While this is Trump's first foray into wearable tech, she's not the first to dabble in the trend. Below are three other designers who have expanded their lines into everyday wearable tech products.

1. Rebecca Minkoff's Charging Wristlet Wallet

Charging Wristlet Wallet, $120,

Clocking in at $120 and coming in an array of colors like black, soft brown, and cobalt, this little Rebecca Minkoff charging wristlet is just the thing if you don't feel like carrying around a giant purse. According to its product description, the wristlet has an embedded Apple charging adaptor that will provide up to 125 percent extra battery life for an iPhone 6. Just enough for a day out and about, right?

2. The Kate Spade Everpurse

Everpurse x Kate Spade New York, $378.00,

The collection debuted in Sept. 2015 and included a range of totes, clutches, and backpacks coming in between the price point of $198 and $698 each, as Fortune Magazine reported. A fully charged purse should last you about two days, and charges iPhones 5, 6/6s, and 6 Plus.

3. The Mighty Purse

Mighty Purse, $100,

According to its product description, the Mighty Purse wristlet has a hidden built-in battery that recharges most smartphones and works with all USB ones (although iPhone adapters are sold separately). They also come in a bevy of wild colors, so you'll definitely find one that suits your style best.

With wearable tech like this, we'll never have to deal with a dead phone again.

Images: Courtesy Brands