Did John Legend Just Get Us All Pregnant?

Shooooooo. Have you cooled off yet? Because John Legend’s Grammy Performance of his single “All of Me” from his latest album Love in the Future just got everyone in that auditorium and all over Twitter completely hot and bothered. Simply seated at a grand piano in a gorgeous white suit, John Legend brought the house down. Dozens of people have been tweeting up a storm about how the Ohio (O-H!) crooner just got a whole lot of people pregnant just by the power by his sexy, sexy voice.

Lord. Murcy. Here’s hoping that Love in the Future doesn’t include getting impregnated by a Grammys performance. It was that hot. So much for this winter cold snap, it’s burnin’ up tonight.

Legend has been nominated for 22 Grammy Awards in total and took home 2006’s Best New Artist. Curse-schmurse. Legend is like a fine, emphasis on fine wine. Each year getting better and be...oh, sorry, I just replayed the video again and got way too distracted by how hard my heart was pumping. In any case, John Legend’s ever-supportive wife Chrissy Teigen is always by his side on the red carpet and the two are stunning together. No wonder his music has the power to do this:

Now go grab yourself a fan and watch this performance again and again:

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