This 'Les Miserables' & 'Hamilton' Mashup Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of Snowmageddon

I think it's safe to say that those of us that were trapped in the midst of what has been dubbed, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, "The Great Blizzard of 2016," sorely underestimated just how much snow we'd be getting. And, by "those of us" I mean me. But, thanks to him, things were not a total loss. You see, Miranda, the renaissance man, did a warm, intimate, and most importantly, indoor version of Ham4Ham with Leslie Odom Jr. singing a Les Miserables and Hamilton mashup of "Stars" and "Wait For It." Let me tell you, it was hands down the best thing about this godforsaken blizzard.

If you know anything about Miranda's abounding talent, I'm sure you guessed that it was, obviously, total aces. But, just because the mashup was his brainchild, doesn't mean that Odom didn't play a particularly pivotal role. He sang the tune, after all. And, honestly, after you hear it, you're never going to want him to stop, as Taylor Swift would say — like, ever.

To make matters even sweeter, the Hamilton YouTube channel captioned the video saying,

Hello Hello Hello! With all Broadway shows cancelled, we thought we'd keep you warm with a little Leslie Odom Jr. Les Mis/Hamilton mashup. Here's "Stars/Wait For it" arranged by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Kurt Crowley. Stay safe!

And, keep me warm they did. You can keep warm, too, by checking out the "Stars" and "Wait For It" mashup entitled, "Ham4Ham Snowmaggedon 2016: Ja-Burr" below. You know, especially if you're feeling some serious Ham4Ham FOMO due to the inclement weather:

Play it on loop. I have a theory that every time you hear Odom's angelic voice it melts an inch of snow.