12 Valentine's Day Dates To Take Yourself On

When it comes time to celebrate the annual day of love that is Valentine's Day, it's important to start by honoring the love you have for yourself. Self love is the hardest to achieve, and the most important to keep — but these Valentine's Day dates to go on alone will help you do just that. You can still obviously go on a V-Day date with your significant other or crush, or skip the romance and celebrate Galentine's Day with the girls, but really, there's no reason to boycott the holiday altogether when you are the best date you can have on such an occasion. Screw everyone else, because all you need to have fun... is you.

For introverts, this will be very easy to accomplish, because they (we) already thoroughly enjoy their own company. But for extroverts, who like to feed off the energy of others in order to exceed their maximum fun-having potential, a solo date might seem boring. The key is to simply not care about what other people think. There will be millions of couples out and about on V-Day, pushing the normal societal limits of PDA, but who cares? You're hot, you're smart, and you know how to have fun, with or without someone by your side. Here are a bunch of stellar Valentine's Day date ideas to go on by yourself, because you're a catch and you deserve full credit for that.

1. To the spa

There's no easier way to love yourself than getting your bod perfectly pampered. Plus, you will emerge from the spa feeling relaxed, happy, and more refreshed than ever before. And we all need more of that feeling in our lives.

2. To your retail haven of choice

As long as you don't out yourself in debt, there's no better time to shower yourself with pretty things. It can be a new pair of shoes, a bucket of beauty products, or a new stack of books to get lost in.

3. To your fave bakery

You deserve a lil' something sweet, and on Valentine's Day, nothing is sweeter than a cupcake. Except for maybe a heart-shaped cookie. Or a red velvet whoopie pie. Heck, get them all.

4. To the moon

If you're a billionaire, maybe you can actually book a trip to the moon. But for those of us who are not swimming in cash, head to your local planetarium and get lost in the magnificence of the stars and planets. Nothing will give you better perspective than seeing just how small we are in relation to the ginormous galaxy.

5. To a fun fitness-related activity

There's nothing that tops the feeling of increased physical strength following a tough workout. Don't think of it as a punishment. Do this for you, with no other motive other than making yourself stronger. You won't hate it, I promise.

6. To a topless yoga class

This is a thing. It exists. It's a class that's gaining in popularity, and is part of the Free the Nipple movement. And while it definitely takes some serious courage to do deep stretches half-naked in front of a bunch of strangers, there are few things more freeing than celebrating human bodies exactly as they are. Look for topless yoga classes in your area, or try it at home, in private. If nothing else, it'll give you a great story to tell.

7. To the hardware store

No, this is not just a suggestion for Ron Swanson (because we all know how much he would love this solo date suggestion). But taking a page out of Swanson's book of wisdom, you will feel accomplished if you know how to build something on your own. It can be a table, a set of bookends, or simply a whittled stick. Just make sure you have the right tools to get the job done, and then marvel at the impressive skill emanating from your very own hands.

8. To the couch, with a huge blanket

Most of us are overworked, sleep-deprived zombies. So treating yourself to a day of napping and relaxation is kind of an amazing gift.

9. To the park, with a good book

Or anywhere, really. Just make sure to bring a book along. Because outside of those pages, nothing else matters once you get lost in the story.

10. To the movie theater

Anyone who has never gone to a movie by herself or himself seriously needs to check that box. It's fun, and it builds a surprisingly large amount of self-confidence. Because you are giving into your surroundings without needing any company to do so. It's liberating.

11. To the bar

Just like going to the theater alone is good for your soul, so is going out to dinner or drinks on your own. Again, you're a kick-ass date, so a second human is not required for you to have a good time.

12. To your bedroom

Much like you don't need a date to enjoy your dinner, you also don't need a partner to have a stellar orgasm. It's important to learn your own sexual triggers, and your own desires. That's not always easy during sex with another person, because you're also likely focusing on how to make sex enjoyable for them. But in order to improve your own sexual experience, you need to know what gets you off so you can direct your partner accordingly. And it's really the simplest way to treat yo self, so get after it.

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