See Gigi Hadid Strut Her Stuff For Versace

Her supermodel game remains strong and her strut as fierce as ever. Gigi Hadid hit the Versace runway in a black pantsuit for Paris Couture Fashion Week. Hadid revealed the depth of her fashion alliance with the brand when she "helped" designer Donatella Versace join Instagram last year. She just walked the brand's runway last night in a somewhat shredded suit that was super sexy.

Hadid's blue eyes were sooty and rimmed with tons of black eyeliner and eye shadow. Her signature, long blonde hair fell in waves around her shoulders. But it was all about that stare and that strut. Hadid is insanely confident in her own skin and you can tell by the way she waltzed. The supermodel posted an Instagram message last fall, shutting down haters and critics of her modeling career and her walking style. It's obvious that she meant every word of her post, since you can see it in her posture and her posing.

The pantsuit was a pretty hot trend this past fall, worn by everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Selena Gomez. It appears that the silhouette, which is tricky to pull off, will remain in style in 2016, thanks in part to Hadid. Her black pantsuit, which had a shredded element and showed hints of skin, made the cut feel super wearable.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Check her out! The pants hit at the ankle, adding another dose of hotness. The deep "V" cut and the cutouts keep things sultry without showing too much. It was just a tease and just enough.

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Hadid has mastered the power walk.

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There's that fierce stare I was talking about. If looks could kill...

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Hadid leads the pack, in more ways than one.

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Once again, Hadid proves why she has become one of the hottest models working today, alongside her bestie Kendall Jenner. She is and always has been gorgeous. But she has grown as a model and you experience her confidence, which is leaping out of these images. She knows she's got this and it shows.

Hadid's stepfather David Foster was in attendance. He was a fashion show virgin until he took in the Versace show, supporting his stepdaughter. He was proud of Hadid and, well, he should be.


Here's one more for the road. Even if you are or have been iffy about wearing a pantsuit, Hadid should provide more than enough inspo for you to try one.

You don't have to go full peek-a-boo like Hadid did. You can totally ease into the pantsuit look with this sheer and wide-legged mesh jumpsuit. ($24.90,

Or you could attempt this adorably trendy version with a halter neckline and cropped legs. ($32.90,

Let Hadid be your inspo.

Images: David Foster/Instagram (1); Courtesy Forever 21 (2)