Kendall & Kylie's High-End Line Includes These

I was already stoked about Kendall and Kylie Jenner's latest side hustle. Now, I'm pretty much drooling with anticipation over Kendall + Kylie's high-end fashion line, which they've been teasing on both their individual Instagram accounts and via the brand's official feed for the past few weeks. Judging from the photos, the Kendall + Kylie Spring 2016 collection is a grown up yet totally wearable contemporary range. Think The Olsen Twins and their Elizabeth & James brand. They just teased a huge detail about the Kendall + Kylie collection, which goes on sale on Feb. 1, and I promise you will perk up. The sisters shared a shot of a pair of shoes that will be a part of Spring 2016!

The Spring 2016 clothes are tailored, crisp, and are totally wearable for the post-college career girl, as opposed to the self-referencing crop tops and leggings of previous installments of the eponymous range.

In the Insta pic, Kylie is holding a white pump and you can get a good look at the fancy, chic shoe.

You may have been expecting super duper high heels. But this is a subtle, simple, and stunning pair of pumps that could go with any and everything.

Check out the summery and strappy shoes on the table behind them, too! Let's hope those are a part of the upcoming collection, as well.

The photos of the Spring 2016 offerings have been so lovely so far and they indicate a level of fashion maturity. Yes, they fuse the "classic" style that Kendall favors and the edgy, more street looks that Kylie cultivates.

But The Jenners are casting a wider net and the pieces don't scream "Kardashian Klothes" when you look at them. So if you are not a fan of the family or the sisters or their styles, you can still appreciate and perhaps purchase any of these pieces and not feel like you are "kopying" their specific look.

Again, think Elizabeth & James. The long-running line has Mary-Kate and Ashley's influence, but the clothes don't look yanked right out of M-K's fabulous closet. That means you can make them your own.

I am getting the same sense regarding Kendall + Kylie. The clothes look so wearable and modern without being too, too trendy. The sisters have my rapt attention with this collection.

I am excited to see more of the shoes. And the clothes? Of course I want to see more of the clothes! The Kendall + Kylie collection debuts in a week —next Monday!— and will be sold at Neiman Marcus, among other retailers.

Images: Kendall + Kylie/Instagram (2)