PSA: Stop Sleeping, Caffeinated Toothpaste Exists

If you need your hit of caffeine in the morning, this caffeinated Power Toothpaste is for you. Yes, you read that correctly. This toothpaste has caffeine in it. Just in case your morning coffee wasn't enough to get you buzzing. "Power Toothpaste" will clean your teeth, but it's also infused with caffeine to wake you up in the morning. Power Toothpaste also boasts another effect — that it works much faster than coffee, which makes sense considering you're applying it straight to your gums rather than ingesting it. The downside is that the "woke" effect doesn't last as long as it does with drinking coffee.

Power Toothpaste designer Dan Meropol created the caffeine infused toothpaste in order to promote oral hygiene, rather than as an alternative to coffee. What better way to get people addicted to brushing their teeth than actually making it addictive? Meropol's Indiegogo page says:

"Traditional oral care products are boring. For most people, oral care is a chore, something they do because they feel they have to. And 50% of Americans don't brush twice a day. Our mission is to turn oral care into something people can get excited about. Brushing your teeth should be an indispensable part of your morning routine."

You can pre-order Power Toothpaste by donating to the Indiegogo; $25 will get your two tubes of the stuff. And while those tubes might look small, apparently there are up to 90 brushes in one (with each having 80mg of caffeine in it), so you're getting bang for your buck. The toothpaste hasn't been FDA approved yet, but there's no fluoride in the ingredients and it's not harmful to your teeth. You can learn more from Power Toothpaste's promo video:

Meanwhile, Power Toothpaste isn't the only product that gives you a caffeine hit. Here are some more weird products on the market if what you're looking for is a buzz:

1. Caffeine Deodorant

Want to reduce sweat AND get a caffeine hit? Look no further than this caffeinated deodorant spray.

Homme II Deodorant Spray, Sante Homme II

2. Caffeinated Personal Lubricant

If you want to caffeinated your private bits, this caffeinated lubricant will jolt you with 100mg of caffeine per use. Sexy?

Passion Natural Caffeinated Energy Lubricant, $9.13,

3. Caffeinated Water

The clear contradiction here being that water is hydrating, and caffeine is dehydrating.

Avitae Caffeinated Water, $17.25 (Pack of 12),

4. Caffeinated Hot Sauce

If scorching temperatures on your food aren't enough, why not add some caffeine too? Stimulate your sinuses AND your synapses with this caffeinated hot sauce.

DoubleKick Hot Sauce, $8, DoubleKick

5. Caffeinated Lip Balm

I'm going to disclaimer this by saying that "Spazz Stick" probably isn't the most politically correct thing to call a product. It's supposed to cure chapped lips AND give you a caffeine hit, is apparently all vegetarian, and is made in some remote Alaskan village ... so apply at your own risk.

Spazz Stick, $3.99,

Images: Kickstarter, Courtesy of Brands