Yoko Ono, Taylor Swift, and More Star in the 2014 Grammys' Best GIFs

The 2014 Grammy Awards were an exercise in patience. It took a long time — and 20 performances — to get through the night's awards. Whether it was Lorde's black fingers, Jamie Foxx's inability to keep his mouth shut, or Harvey Weinstein's unending quest to dominate all media with his Oscar-nominated glory (hello Julia Roberts!), the 2014 Grammy Awards were totally weird, wacky, and even a few times, wonderful.

We've scoured the Internet and found the night's best moments in GIF form so that you can pretend on Monday morning that you actually cared about the most tedious and strange awards show of the season. So who wins our awards for most GIF-worthy? Read on and enjoy.

Head Bangiest

This award goes to Taylor Swift and her nostalgic-for-the-'80s mom hair.

Image: Rich Juzwiak/Twitter

The This Whole Situation Needs No Commentiest

Smokey the Bear and his two robot friends.

Image: DailyDot/Tumblr

Take That, Taylor Swiftiest

Yoko Ono’s perfect dance moves.

Image: Yahoo Entertainment/Tumblr


Yoko just ~gets it~ you guys.

Image: Rich Juzwiak/Twitter


Time to shave, fun.’s Nate Ruess.

Image: UHERTBS/Tumblr

The Truly Most In Synciest (Sorry, Justin)

Bey and Jay Z, of course.

Image: Rich Juzwiak/Twitter

The Daddiest Raver

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Image: Yahoo Entertainment/Tumblr

Most Likely to Turn into a Tablecloth and Fly Back to Tweelandia

Tassels McGee, a.k.a. Kacey Musgraves.

Image: The Grammy Awards/Twitter


Jamie Foxx and his Bey-and-Jay-are-not-amused intro speech.

Image: DailyDot/Tumblr

Most Honestly Surprised Moment of the Night

When Taylor Swift lost.

Image: Rich Juzwiak/Twitter

Butt-and-Attention Grabbiest

Bey and Jay. Because, of course.

Image: IncomparablyMe/Tumblr