Ice Skating Power Couple 'Marlie' Takes On Sochi

by Camille Bautista

Move over Kimye — Marlie's the new "it" couple in town — at least on the ice. They've been ice skating together for 16 years, and now Team U.S.A.'s Meryl Davis and Charlie White (a.k.a. Marlie) are back in familiar territory to compete in Sochi's 2014 Winter Olympics. The dancing duo won silver back in 2010's Vancouver Olympics and set a U.S. record with a sixth-straight national ice dance crown.

Their graceful moves, turns, and acrobatic lifts are the result of years of hard work. Since they were children, Davis, 27, and White, 26, have relied on each other for consistent improvement in their expressive ice storytelling to the point where they just know each other's actions. They grew up 10 minutes from each other in Michigan and their parents are best friends. They even finish each other's sentences. As perfect as it may sound and as beautiful as they are together, it's all platonic —the two aren't dating.

Davis first started skating at the age of five and was known to be a shy, quiet girl while White, who also began his skating career at 5-years-old, was more outgoing and confident. They ventured into ice dancing for different reasons: she didn't want to skate alone; he wanted to improve his posture as a hockey player. They were able to put aside their differences as they grew up together and put in grueling hours of practice. Some of their seemingly effortless lifts have taken two years to perfect.

As a pair they boast two world championships and five consecutive grand prix finals. No U.S. team has won an Olympic gold medal in ice dancing. Davis and White are hoping they can take home the prize.

"We feel like we've left no stone unturned. We've continued to grow as skaters ... and tried to gain more speed and have more charisma and everything," White said. "In every aspect we've tried to be the best we possibly can be."