What Is The Bud Light Party With Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen? Their Super Bowl Commercial Is Getting Political

I've got a big question for Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer and it's not if they want to join my wolf pack and roam the streets as one dope AF posse (this time). Thanks to the new Super Bowl commercial featuring Rogen and Schumer, the question that I can't get out of my head is what the hell is The Bud Light Party and how do I get myself an e-vite? In a new campaign set to debut during the commercial-heavy Super Bowl (which I'm told is some sort of sporting event that airs around the same time as the Puppy Bowl, but I'll have to double check with my sources), Bud Light aims to unite a politically divided nation with three and a half minutes of Schumer, Rogen, and more celebrity cameos such as Michael Pena and Rhonda Rousey. According to a statement from Bud Light VP Alexander Lambrecht: "This is more than just a Super Bowl ad. It’s a completely new communication of what Bud Light stands for – inclusivity, positivity and fun." So the party is a new political party (not a streamers and balloons party) and it's all about togetherness. OK, but what does that really mean, man?

Well, Bud Light, while not only being the official beer of the NFL, is also the baby of savvy advertisers Anheuser-Busch, so they know how to get a person begging for answers. (Let's not forget how they got us all to wonder how one might find themselves actually playing life-size Pac-Man last year.) So, congratulations, Beer Buds, consider my interest piqued... I might even switch over from the Puppy Bowl on commercial breaks. In the meantime, however, let me investigate how this supposed "party" is going to work via repeated watchings of this commercial and the most serious of investigative methods: GIFs.

1. Those Silhouettes


If this nation can agree on anything it's that Rogen is the best friend they never had and Schumer is freaking hilarious.

2. Everyone Can Relate to Pantyhose


Even if you haven't worn them yourself, watching Rogen put the dang things on explains the problem with the hose entirely.

3. Ditto Grooming Tactics

Who among you hasn't taken down a six-inch sammie while preparing for a big event?

4. The Refreshing Sound Of A Beer Being Opened

Cutting straight from "The Bud Light Party" pins to the crack of a beer is a sneaky trick if I've ever seen one. The sound of a beer being opened is such a delightful sound, so yeah, I see you, Bud Light.

5. The Anticipation

Those lofty looks as Rogen and Schumer clink Buds is clear an attempt to unify these United States in the times of Trump vs., well, every other political candidate out there. And how are they going to do it? With beer, that's how.

On a semi-related note, that wolf pack offer is still on the table, Seth & Amy. Just saying.

Images: Bud Light via Giphy (3)