What Men Really Want For Valentine's Day

by Lindsay Tigar

Depending on how long you and your partner have been exclusively together, what you give your partner for Valentine’s Day is different each year. While a funny greeting from Someecards is appropriate if you’re not quite in the ‘I love you’ territory, if you’ve been doing the same ole thing for many years (and counting) now, you might want to think a little more creatively.

And though I'm of the mindset that you should tell people how much you love them every single day — and not just on Valentine’s Day — if you want to go the extra mile and really get them what they want, you may have to do some digging.

But before you spend 30 minutes on your lunch break trying to find the perfect sentiment to send to your bae for Valentine’s Day, save yourself the trouble of worrying if you’re saying too much or too little and go straight to the source themselves.

If you have a male partner, you probably know that sometimes what men value in a gift is different than what women want, and more often than not, probably a lot simpler than you think. So I went to guys to find out the deal. Here's what men really want for Valentine’s Day — all the BS omitted:

1. A Blow Job Or Anal Sex

I mean, if I’m being honest, what I really want is to be with my girlfriend. We don’t even have to go out or do anything. In fact, I’d love if we just had really hot sex — that included oral sex giving and receiving — and maybe she would even let me try something she usually doesn’t, like anal sex. -Jordan

2. A Great Meal

I love cooking for my girlfriend. And because we’re both so busy all the time, it’s rare that we actually sit down and enjoy dinner without being on our phones or distracted. For Valentine’s Day, I’d like to either cook something for her or go out and be device-free. -Andrew

3. Some Quiet Time

Between her schedule and my schedule and our kids schedules, it’s like we never have time to just hang out like we did before we got married and had children. I would love to sit on the couch with her, read the newspaper and drink coffee with some peace and quiet. It would actually be pretty dreamy! -Nick

4. A ‘Thank You’

I know my wife loves me and we have a pretty happy marriage. But I often feel like I’m disappointing her or not living up to what she wants me to be for her as a husband. She does tell me that she loves me, but I’d really like her to thank me for what I contribute or at least pay me a compliment every once in awhile. -Randy

5. An Active Date Night

What I love most about my girlfriend is our shared interest in the outdoors. For Valentine’s Day, instead of the typical dinner date night that we usually do, it’d be fun to go running together. Maybe even sign up for a different type of class that we both like. Hell, I might even be tempted to try yoga with her. -Peter

6. Lingerie

I know everyone says this, but as ridiculous and expensive as it is, I look forward to the fun thing my wife picks out for Valentine’s Day every year. We’ve been married for 10 years and it’s always something different. -Mark

7. To Skip It

I don’t see why we have to celebrate a made-up holiday like Valentine’s Day. I’d honestly rather wait until our anniversary or each other’s birthdays and do something more exciting and more aligned to our interests. But she likes to celebrate it, so I send her flowers. A happy wife does equal a happy life, after all! - *Luke

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