What Men Really Want For Valentine's Day


Depending on how long you and your partner have been exclusively together, what you give your partner for Valentine’s Day is different each year. While a funny greeting from Someecards is appropriate if you’re not quite in the ‘I love you’ territory, if you’ve been doing the same ole thing for many years (and counting) now, you might want to think a little more creatively.

And though I'm of the mindset that you should tell people how much you love them every single day — and not just on Valentine’s Day — if you want to go the extra mile and really get them what they want, you may have to do some digging.

But before you spend 30 minutes on your lunch break trying to find the perfect sentiment to send to your bae for Valentine’s Day, save yourself the trouble of worrying if you’re saying too much or too little and go straight to the source themselves.

If you have a male partner, you probably know that sometimes what men value in a gift is different than what women want, and more often than not, probably a lot simpler than you think. So I went to guys to find out the deal. Here's what men really want for Valentine’s Day — all the BS omitted:

1. A Blow Job Or Anal Sex

2. A Great Meal

3. Some Quiet Time

4. A ‘Thank You’

5. An Active Date Night

6. Lingerie

7. To Skip It

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