What Is Palmetto Street On 'Lucifer'? Chloe's Old Case Could Come Back To Haunt Her

The latest comic book-turned-television series to grace the small screen is FOX's Lucifer. In the very first episode of the series, charming manipulative Lucifer Morningstar meets the impossible-to-manipulate L.A. detective Chloe Decker. There are a number of mysteries surrounding Chloe when we first meet her, but the biggest question is: Why is she immune to Lucifer's power of getting people to divulge their deepest desires? Though I don't have an answer to that just yet, there is one mysterious aspect of Chloe that we do learn about — specifically, what is Palmetto Street to Chloe on Lucifer ?

Palmetto Street first comes up early on in the premiere episode when Chloe's ex-husband Dan urges her to quickly close the case she's working on — the shooting of pop singer Delilah that's at the center of Lucifer's procedural pilot. But it isn't until later in the episode that we learn more about what actually happened with Palmetto Street. While Chloe and Lucifer are grabbing a drink after a hard day's work (as you do when you're partnered with the actual Devil), she reveals that the Palmetto Street case involved the fatal shooting of a police officer, but when Chloe had a different idea about what went on and she stuck her neck out, it backfired on her. Now, no one else wants to work with her.

Sounds like a fairly standard back story for any drama surrounding a police officer: a cop is difficult to work with so they're partnered with someone unlike themselves, and let the odd couple hijinks commence! But, I don't think the story of Palmetto Street is as simple (or, open and shut) as Lucifer's pilot episode would have us believe, fellow viewers. No, my theory is that the reason Chloe saw something different than everyone else in the Palmetto Street case is somehow linked to why she's immune to Lucifer's powers. Two instances of her being the odd man out? That has to mean something.

Sure, as I've learned from watching police solve cases on television, two is a coincidence and three is a pattern. But since Chloe's immunity to Lucifer and this Palmetto Street case are the two major things we learn about her character in the very first episode, there's probably more of a connection than you might think. So, I wouldn't be surprised if we dive deeper into the Palmetto Street case as Lucifer continues and we learn more about Chloe's involvement in it, as well as what it all means.

Images: FOX; f*ckyeahlaurengerman/Tumblr