10 Drink Ideas For Your Panthers Super Bowl Party

Now that the Carolina Panthers have officially made the Super Bowl (sorry, Cardinals), it's time to get serious about planning your Super Bowl party. Check out these Super Bowl drinks for Panthers fans. Even if your team already lost (lol, Patriots), or you don't actually care who takes home the Lombardi trophy, the time has come to pick a side and get festive with it. And by pick a side, I obviously mean prepare to turn your tongue the color of your chosen team (the Panthers, obviously).

I hear you, Panther nation, those orange-clad Broncos fans have it so easy with their seasoned veteran quarterback and the fact that they can just make all of their cocktails with orange juice. Even beer is orange. But you don't win the Super Bowl by having chef-friendly jersey colors, and nobody's friends are gonna be impressed by mimosas anyway, right?!

From North Carolina favorites to a celebration of the silver and blue, any one of these cocktails would be a perfect fit at your Panther-party. And, since the Panthers are the odds-on favorite to win the whole thing, I'd double up on my blue cocktails — since Vegas seems to think that things might get a little wild.

Let's kick this thing off, shall we?!

1. Carolina Blue Whale

Sure to get your Super Bowl Sunday started right, this tropical blue three-ingredient cocktail from Pass The Sushi is served on the rocks and is perfectly shaken with just blue curacao, pineapple juice, and, of course, rum.

2. Abominable Snowman

Panthers coach Ron Rivera announced the other day that his team would, in fact, practice in its stadium that got blanketed with snow following Winter Storm Jonas, and, guess what, it worked. So in celebration of this...

... whip up this snowy cocktail complete with a sugar rim and cream soda from Food Fanatic.

3. Silver Coconut Margaritas

These tropical margaritas will almost fool you into believing it's already summertime. The sweet coconut pairs perfectly with the spicy and stiff tequila. Check out the recipe over at Foodiecrush.

4. Blueberry Lavender Vodka Pitcher

If you're committed to the idea of having blue cocktails but blue curacao just isn't your thing, check out this super sophisticated spritzer recipe from The Kitchn. Your guests will be feeling like it's Blue Christmas in no time.

5. Blue Curacao Margarita

Simple, fast, and delicious — these blue margaritas from Miss Information and Wayfair turn a gathering into a party to remember.

6. Silver Fizz Cocktail

Shake the ingredients for this gin fizz until they're foamy and silver. This one actually has a raw egg white to help get it extra foamy, so if you're feeling adventurous, this is a great one to try. Head over to The Kitchn to find out how.

7. Seven Seas Martini

Blue drinks are just inherently tropical, so why not throw in a little nutty sweetness with a splash of amaretto? Try this Seven Seas Martini from Food Fanatic.

8. Lemon Lime Blue Slushie

This very blue slushie recipe from Baked By Rachel doesn't call for any alcohol, but how awesome would it be with a couple shots of vodka added to the cup? Or, keep it simple and serve this slushie to the kids at your Super Bowl party.

9. Silver Moonshine Mint Julep

If you're from North Carolina or the surrounding area, odds are someone has served you moonshine before, probably on a dare. Drinking moonshine is a Southern rite of passage, and you can't get more North Carolina than an ice cold mint julep, so, this combination from Endless Simmer is extra-appropriate for your Panther party.

10. Blueberry Mint Juleps

So these mint juleps aren't exactly blue per se, but they are blueberry, so stay with me. Made with bourbon and real blueberries, these cocktails will be as delicious as a Panthers victory. Check out the recipe at How Sweet It Is.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Pass The Sushi; food fanatic (2); foodiecrush; The Kitchn (2); Baked By Rachel; Endless Simmer; How Sweet It Is