Lovespace’s Secret Storage Service Offers "Breakup Protection" For Cohabitators

So you’ve decided to move in with your significant other. Awesome! Good for you! Looks like you don’t need your TV anymore, since your partner already has a way better one…but what happens if you break up? Are you going to have to go out and replace all the stuff you jettisoned when you moved in together? Maybe not, thanks to UK storage company Lovespace's “breakup protection” plan.

Here’s how it works: Lovespace is rolling out what they’re calling Secret Storage Services for nervous cohabiters, wherein they’ll take your duplicate items, stick ‘em in a crate (or a “duplicrate,” if you will), and stash them away for you. Said Lovespace managing director Steve Folwell to the Daily Mail, “We wanted to help the biggest commitment-phobes move in with their partners. Openly keeping hold of things you identify with your single life isn’t exactly a recipe for happily ever after, so we decided to offer apprehensive cohabiters a secret service where they can keep a box of their past life.”

To be honest, I’m not totally sure what makes Secret Storage Service any different from a regular ol’ storage unit you don’t tell your partner about. If they call you, are the messages coded? Will email and snail mail correspondences be designed to look like out-of-season birthday cards from your Great Aunt Sally? Are charges to your credit card listed as something innocuous like “Pogo’s Pet Parlor” (because let’s face it: “Lovespace” isn’t the most encouraging word to find on a significant other’s bank records)?

Since they’re still in the trial phase, Lovespace is offering their Secret Storage Service free for a whole year on a first-come, first-served basis. The whole "free" thing is a big draw right now, since it means that money is essentially no object; it might be different if the total value of the objects you're storing is worth considerably less than whatever the storage fees add up to over time? Who wants to spend $200 a month storing a $50 television?

Anyhoo, if you find the idea intriguing and happen to live across the pond, you can find out more over at Lovespace’s blog.

Image: Fotolia