How To Use The Artis Brush

It isn't exactly a bargain buy and it's rather strange looking, but this trendy oval brush is totally taking over the makeup game. Here is how to use the Artis brush, and how to make it worth your hard earned dollar.

The Artis foundation brush, the Artis Oval 8, retails for $65. That's definitely on the pricier end for a foundation brush — by comparison, MAC's Oval 6 foundation brush retails for $42. So is the Artis brush really worth it? So far, the reviews have been positive: It uses less foundation, and the super soft bristles are extra gentle on your skin.

ARTIS BRUSH Oval 10 Brush, $75, Net-a-porter

Unlike a typical brush, the Artis website states that their products are ergonomically designed for self-application. The curved shape of the handle is made to feel super comfortable in your hand. The Artis also has hundreds of thousands CosmeFibres, a patented man-made fiber that feels amazing on your face. It looks different, feels different, and applies different than other traditional brushes.

To use, you should pick up foundation onto the brush from the back of your hand and gently glide the huge brush head over your skin, instead of buffing the foundation on in circular motion (like with a kabuki brush). The synthetic bristles don't absorb the foundation as much as natural hairs, so you use less product.

ARTIS BRUSH Oval 10 Brush, $75, Net-a-porter

The key to using the brush is applying layers of foundation more slowly than you would with a traditional synthetic brush, to avoid transferring too much product. Gently glide the head over your face for complete coverage, instead of buffing in circular motions. Easy! It's quicker, easier, and saves you product. What's not to love? Well, probably the price tag. But if an even foundation and complexion is something you struggle to achieve, this one may be well worth it.