Who Is Emily Fernandez? The 'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Wants To Make It Big

It's a new year, and that means a new city for Lifetime's Little Women franchise. Following the series premiere of Little Women: NY last spring, Little Women: Atlanta will be the second spinoff of Little Women: LA. It's always exciting to meet a brand-new batch of cast members in an all-new series, and someone we're bound to see a lot of on Little Women: Atlanta is Emily Fernandez.

The preview of this inaugural season of Little Women: Atlanta is pretty explosive, so I wonder if Emily will start or will get swept up in all of the drama. I feel like that would tell us a lot about how she'll be to watch as a cast member of this show, but either way, it should make for a good time in the ATL.

But before Little Women: Atlanta even premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime, we can get to know Emily a little bit better now. It's never too soon to start picking a reality TV cast member that you're going to love to hate or hate to love throughout the season, after all. So how will you feel about Emily this season of Little Women: Atlanta? Read on to figure it out.

She's The Ringleader Of The Group

Emily is described as "the ringleader of the group" in her bio on Lifetime's website. That means she's either the glue that keeps this crew together or she'll be the one that barks so many orders, she'll eventually be overthrown.

She's A Club Promoter

Lifetime hasn't provided much information about the careers of the Little Women: Atlanta cast members, but the network has revealed that Emily is a club promoter. It seems like some of the other cast members are involved in Atlanta's club scene, which will probably make for some wildly fun and drama-filled episodes.

She's Getting Noticed In The Hip-Hop Industry

As a part of her job, Emily is one-half of a duo called The Cheeks, which also includes her Little Women: Atlanta castmate Bri Barlup. As a member of The Cheeks, Emily's stage name is Right Cheek, in case you were wondering. It's a little bit hard to find information about the group's career highlights, but it looks like these two twerk and make some music. T-Pain even tweeted out a video of them dancing, so it looks like they're getting some attention from the hip-hop community.

She Has A Boyfriend

Emily has a boyfriend, and it looks like he'll be featured on Little Women: Atlanta this season. Unfortunately, things between the two are tumultuous, and they're apparently about to get even more so on the show, according to Emily's bio on Lifetime's website. Let's hope we see these two have some loving moments as well.

She Might Be Pregnant On The Show

The above preview of Little Women: Atlanta shows Emily getting an ultrasound and seems to show her talking about being pregnant with a doctor. She and her boyfriend are also supposed to "enter a new chapter of life" on the show, according to her bio on Lifetime's website, so it certainly looks like a baby may be in Emily's future.

She Has A Controversial Opinion

The cast of Little Women: LA has debated the M-word on the show before, which has resulted in some heated arguments because it's generally regarded as a derogatory term for little people these days. However, Emily doesn't seem to mind it. Not only has she retweeted posts containing the word, but she has also addressed the issue in an interview with Say Cheese TV. "Me personally, it just depends on how someone says it. If someone's like, 'Damn, you a badass mi****, like you fine,' OK, cool. It's a compliment. But as long as everything's in a positive manner, then I don't mind it," Emily said. "Any word, it just depends on how you say it to someone. If you just ignorant about it, then yeah, it's gonna bother us because educate yourself." Many of the Little Women: LA ladies would probably wholeheartedly disagree.

Agree with her or not, at least now we know that Emily isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime (4); Giphy