Are You Stressed Right Now?

Are you stressed out right now? It seems like a super-obvious question, but it's sometimes hard to recognize stress unless your body says, "hey, girl — you might want to slow down." Unfortunately, your body "tells" you that you're stressed in cosmically awkward ways, whether you're stress sweating before a big interview (YAY!), locking yourself out of your apartment (so convenient!), or stumbling over your words on a first date (maybe it's charming?).

So instead of waiting for your body to rebel against you, why not anticipate stress before it comes — and learn how to deal with it? You can't predict everything (your sweat, your forgotten keys, your botched date), but you can certainly prepare for the best and the worst by figuring out how to deal. With that in mind, we've partnered with Secret Clinical Strength® to assess your level of stress in an easy-to-take quiz. While it's far from scientific, it will at least encourage you to sit down, take some deep breaths, and have a little fun with your day. Deep breaths, OK? You've got this.

Are you stressed out right now? Take the quiz and find out.

This post is sponsored by Secret Clinical Strength®.