Track Your Beer Drinking With This Scratch Off

If you love beer then you'll probably love this beer drinking scratch off that allows you to keep track of the brews you've sipped. The scratch off poster, by Pop Chart Labs, will set you back $35 — and the cost of 99 craft beers, if of course, your aim is to drink them all. But hey, it's all in the name of hoppy deliciousness, so your bank account probably won't mind. The scratch off chart includes the "bucket list of essential beverages", if what's on your bucket list is beer. The chart has different brews sorted into categories and subcategories, which allows you also to see the different "families" of beers, and where your favorite fits in. If you like an IPA, for example, this is a great way to see what else you should be trying (or you could just ask the bartender).

The poster chart also includes different beer brands, craft brews, and obscure beers for real aficionados. This chart, obviously, is for people who really, really, really love beer. All beer. If you're not a beer lover, however, Pop Chart Lab's suggests you can enjoy the poster without ever scratching off a beer conquest. "Simply enjoy the print untouched as an eye-catching, gilded piece of infographic art — it looks beautiful either way!" proclaims their site. Proof:

Here's how it looks framed against some trendy exposed brick:

And here's how the beer bottles disappear when you scratch them off:

If beer isn't your thing, here are some more inspiring scratchies that might be more up your alley:

1. European Gourmet Food

This scratch map encourages you to eat your way around Europe. It's a great "hint, hint" gift to give your partner this Valentine's Day too. Anything that inspires gourmet eating is just right in my book.

Scratch Map Gourmet Poster, $30.57, Not On The High Street

2. Travel Scratch Map

If you don't like eating so much as you do just traveling, this scratch map is great for humble bragging about all the wonderful worldly places you've been, and it looks pretty good too.

World Scratch Map, $24-$34, Urban Outfitters

3. USA Scratch Map

If you're more of a homebody and like to just stick to the US, or if you're planning on traveling to the US, this scratch map can help you plan/keep track of your cross country road trip.

USA Scratch Map, $28.95, Uncommon Goods

4. Scratch And Sniff Wine Book

So this one isn't a poster and it's not so much about scratching things off to show where you've done, but rather, scratching in the name of learning to be a better consumer of wine. That sounds alright by me.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That, $11.89, Amazon

Images: Pop Chart Lab (3)