Cara Delevingne’s Dog Stole The Spotlight At Chanel, But Her Cheeky Shirt Was The Best Part — PHOTOS

She might not have been walking in the show, but this star had all eyes on her at this fashion show. Making for the most adorable plus one in all of history, Cara Delevingne brought her dog to Chanel couture. Because siting front row is way better when man's (or model's?) best friend is by your side.

Delevingne is constantly surprising her fans with her quirky accessories and stylish outfits, but this may have been her best moment ever. The model brought her dog, Leo, to sit front row with her at the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 presentation. The two shared a seat, but it appears from some photos at the Daily Mail that Leo was escorted out by security just before the show started. Perhaps he was blocking the view for some other stylish A-listers seated behind Delevingne — after all, her mix-breed pup just barely fit on her lap. I can guarantee it didn't say "no dogs allowed" on the invite to the show, but it just might from now on.

The best part is that she actually continued the adorable puppy theme with her outfit! Delevingne wore a mesh shirt with two dogs covering her breasts, which might have just been the inspiration behind bringing her adorable pet with her. Or perhaps she just wanted to match with him? Either way, the two looked absolutely fabulous together.

Leo definitely does have a certain vibe about him that makes him the perfect plus one. He must've been practicing for his big Fashion Week debut.

The hint of black in Leo's fur matched Delevingne's color scheme perfectly. Her bomber jacket might have been a statement piece, but her pet was definitely her best accessory.

She also rocked Chanel studs and a gold chain around her neck, which brought a street style vibe to her high fashion outfit.

Leo could hold his own in the FROW. He seemed to be having the time of his life.

How she keeps her outfit and makeup looking so perfect while carrying a dog is beyond me.

Leo was eventually taken from the show by who appears to be a security guard

The award for most fashionable dog, without a doubt, goes to this celebrity pet!