This Trackable Wallet Will Keep Even The Most Disorganized People Sane

I have on three separate occasions lost my wallet inside of my own bedroom. During those panicked searches I would have killed to have something like this trackable wallet from Ekster. It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and hassle. I swear, it took me 30 minutes to cancel each of my credit cards over the phone because I didn't know any of my access information. I also didn't particularly enjoy having to explain to strangers that I was the kind of person to misplace my wallet inside of my own bedroom. Side note: each of the three times I lost my wallet I found it right after canceling all my cards. Lesson learned. Get a wallet chain — or a fashionable substitute.

If you want to avoid having to have those awkward over-the-phone conversations, the kind where credit card companies make you question if you are the real cardholder of your own credit cards, I suggest getting a tracker like this one. The wallet design is classy, sophisticated, and very functional. I can see guys rocking it on several occasions. With birthdays and Valentine's Day coming up for all of us, it's good to have this nifty creation in mind.

The company's Kickstarter has a video explaining the functionality features of their wallets as well as a beautifully shot video showing the wallet being used in real life. For what it's worth — I'm digging it. Here are some of the Ekser Wallet feature highlights.

The Main Event

Obviously the first and most important feature is the tracker. By using your phone you can call your wallet and locate it through the bluetooth component. If you are worried that your card information will be stolen through electronic scanning, don't be. This wallet has any theft protection built right in. But the best thing about this wallet is that you can use it to find your phone if you also misplaced it. By pressing a button on your wallet, your phone gets activated. A simple solution for problems I always have and continue to have.


I always struggle with taking out my credit cards. My wallet seems to latch on to their nonexistent edges and makes retrieving them a constant ordeal. It seems like Ekster wallets dealt with that issue early on by installing a button that pops out your cards. This is the solution I have been waiting for. No more embarrassing twisting and pulling in order to pay for groceries.

If you want to watch their full Kickstarter video, you can do so below.

Ekster® on YouTube

Images: Ekster