13 Super Bowl Wing Recipes That Will Score Big

To hungry people and sports bars around the country, the Super Bowl means one thing above all else — eating chicken wings during every commercial break until you can't humanly eat more. In the spirit of not having to compete in the 50th annual Hunger Games at the to-go counter of your local chicken wing depot, here are 13 of the best Super Bowl chicken wing recipes to serve at your party, all in one place. Hey, at least you're not drinking all those Panther blue cocktails on an empty stomach, am I right?! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Describing a dish as "chicken wings" is hardly descriptive. The smallest edible pieces of the chicken can be prepared in so many different ways, it barely grazes the surface of their versatility to stop there. These bad boys can be bone-in or not, baked, fried, grilled, saucy, crispy, or dry. They're like a choose your own adventure of finger foods. The other thing to decide before making a wing feast is how spicy you want them to be. If you're going to go super heat crazy (I would), consider trying boneless wings so that people don't burn their fingertips and lips off on your bonkers-spicy wing sauce.

So without further ado, here are some of the craziest chicken wing recipes from around the Internet.

1. Red Bull Glazed Habanero Chicken Wings

Well, everything about this recipe seems like a good idea. I like mangoes, habanero, and Red Bull, and the idea of caffeinated snacks to eat while day drinking is hypothetically appealing. This recipe comes from Culinary Bro Down, which sounds like a chill enough place to find recipes for a Super Bowl party.

2. Momofuku Style Chicken Wings

When Jaden from Steamy Kitchen met Momofuku's David Chang backstage at a local San Francisco television show, they exchanged cookbooks, and thus, I discovered this Asian style recipe, which is baked, coated in a sauce made from soy sauce, fresh ginger, and a small but significant dash of sesame oil.

3. Sweet And Spicy Pomegranate Glazed Chicken Wings

From Asia, we travel to the Mediterranean where this self-purported "fancified" recipe from Cooking For Keeps gets its culinary heritage. This would be an awesome recipe to work into a menu that includes some hummus and muhammara, which sounds perfectly delicious to me (and a whole lot healthier than deep fried wings with queso dip too).

4. Blackened Chicken Buffalo Drumsticks

Wings like these from FoodieCrush were my introduction to the wide world of wings, once upon a time. Cajun style blackened meat is just plain good, no matter what else is going on with it, so when you deep fry it, things get really tasty.

5. Spicy Thai Oven-Fried Chicken Wings

I haven't tried it yet, but I can go ahead and guarantee right now that this recipe from I Am A Food Blog is an absolute knockout, and not just because it's Thai fried chicken. Fish sauce, Thai chilies, and lime juice flavor these spicy oven-fried drumsticks, which sounds simple, clean, and divine right about now.

6. Baked Honey Sriracha Wings

Honey and Sriracha are such an underrated pairing. Spicy and sweet, these baked chicken wings from Damn Delicious are so endlessly edible, you might want to make extra if you want them to last beyond the halftime show.

7. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings

I see you, Panthers fans! These Southern style buttermilk fried chicken wings are crispier and juicier than anyone would believe right out of the skillet. If you're not exactly sure how to make these little pieces of heaven a reality at home, check out this extensive how-to over at I Am A Food Blog. Pro tip: this recipe is a lot less messy if you have a range hood over your stove.

8. Korean Fried Chicken Wings

While we're on the subject of deep fried chicken wings, can we discuss how Korean wings are fried at least twice to get the exterior as crispy as possible?! That is some serious frying action, y'all. No wonder you can smell the chicken within a mile radius of any Korean barbecue restaurant. The Kitchn has an awesome recipe for whipping these up at home!

9. Easy Baked Buffalo Wings

No, these aren't cooked in an Easy Bake Oven, but that would be rad. This five-ingredient recipe from Closet Cooking is as simple as it is delicious. Plus, buffalo wings are the original football fare.

10. Oven Fried Mustard Wings With Apple Onion Dip

There's a whole lotta yes going on in this recipe — from the spicy Srirarcha-laced mustard sauce on the wings to the perfectly complementary apple onion dip for dunking the wings, A Spicy Perspective pretty much never misses when it comes to spicy, flavorful eats.

11. Vietnamese Style Chicken Wings

There is something about Vietnamese style chicken wings that is wildly addictive. I had a friend get so hooked that he started eating chicken wings like three times a week. So, make these gems from Closet Cooking, if you dare.

12. Chinese Orange Chicken Wings

Ever wonder how they do it at Panda Express? Well, stop wondering, and do it even better at your house. Deliciously Yum suggests that one could woo a marriage proposal out of someone if you ply them with these wings — that's how good they are, so don't sleep on this recipe if you're in the market for some extra bling.

13. No Chicken Buffalo Wings

As a huge fan of fried chicken, I was a little suspicious of the delicious factor of buffalo cauliflower, but ever since the first time I tried it, I have become a huge, huge fan. If you have any vegetarian or vegan friends, this is a great option to have on your spread. Find out how at Prevention Rd.

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