When Will J. Crew's Sunnies Be Available To Shop?

When the brand that perfectly suits your everyday lifestyle launches a line of sunglasses, you obviously want to be the first in line to grab a pair, right? Well, then you better get ready because J.Crew just lunched a sunglasses collection for the first time ever. When will the J.Crew line of sunnies be available to shop? Umm, right now. Yes, that’s right. They’re available online and in select stores, so go get yourself a pair (or two), stat!

The range includes women’s, men’s and unisex frames, so there’s something for everyone, no matter what your glasses style may be. They are priced from $98 to $128, so it won’t break the bank to get yourself a pair of quality sunnies. They also offer 100 percent UV protection, so you’re sure to get all of the protection and style you could ever need.

With their scratch-resistant lenses, you can also toss them in your bag without worrying about messing them up, and I’m all about that kind of low-maintenance. If you’re liking the sound of this first-ever line of sunnies for the brand, then go on and check out what the line has to offer. Then, get to shopping, because your eyes are practically begging for this kind of fashionable coverage.

1. Bright Red

Sam Sunglasses, $118, J. Crew

These round, red frames are just too cool.

2. Blue Sky Sunnies

Sam Sunglasses, $118, J. Crew

They made these blue sunnies unisex because girls and guys deserve to see the world through these navy tinted glasses.

3. Burgundy Babe

Ryan Sunglasses, $128, J. Crew

These burgundy and tortoise shell sunnies are for the girl who just can't decide between the two. Why would you want to pick just one when you could have both, you know?

4. Nude Shades

Betty Sunglasses, $128, J. Crew

There's nothing more chic than a nude colored pair of shades.

5. Blonde Tortoise Sunnies

Irving Sunglasses, $118, J. Crew

These unisex blondies are meant to be worn by all. And who wouldn't want to rock them?

6. Crystal Sunglasses

Irving Sunglasses, $118, J. Crew

These subtle shades will go with anything, and I plan to wear them with everything!

7. Olive Green Aviators

Jack Sunglasses, $98, J. Crew

If you're going for an effortlessly cool kind of look, you're definitely going to want to cop these.

8. Cool Blues

Jack Sunglasses, $98, J. Crew

These bad boys are a great way to top off any look.

9. La Vie En Rose

Jill Sunglasses, $98, J. Crew

Why wouldn't you want to see the world through rose colored glasses?

If you don't already have the J. Crew website open in your browser, you better get on that!

Images: Courtesy J. Crew (10)