21 Music Videos That Will Give You Major Winter Wardrobe Envy

Once a year, Old Man Winter shows steps off the Season Express, rolls up to the planet’s doorstep, drops his suitcase, unfurls a futon, and stays put until the designated subterranean rodent declares the vacation over. But gracious guest that he is, Old Man Winter never shows up without a heaping pile of gifts; he brings snow, more snow, ice, sleet, and wait, what's that? Even more snow?! Well, I'll be! So how do we go about making Old Man Winter feel at home during his visit? By dressing for the weather, duh. And where can we find timeless and spectacular winter style tips that'll never lose their luster? Look no further than my favorite winter-chic music videos.

All of the music videos below exhibit some truly stunning and remarkable examples of winter fashion. A bonafide fur coat and puffer jacket and cloak and too-cozy-to-be-true sweater bonanza. Do I know where you can buy replicas of all of these glorious garments? Erm... the mall, maybe? OK, fine. You caught me. I don't have clue as to where one would find affordable versions of these ensembles. Sorry. Please forgive my non-Polyvoreness and enjoy these gorgeous wintry clips:

1. “All I Have” By Jennifer Lopez Feat. LL Cool J

If I was forced to choose between the pink fur-trimmed trench or the fur newsboy cap, I wouldn’t be able to make that choice. Instead, I’d combust on the spot.

2. “Goodbye” By The Spice Girls

Which coat is the best coat? Trick question! Every coat in this video is the best coat.

3. “I Want Candy” By Aaron Carter

If you’re feeling ~extra wintry~, pair Aaron Carter’s silver puffy jacket and pants combo with Miranda’s silver crushed velvet top. And don’t worry— when it comes to an outfit, there’s no such thing as “too much silver.”

4. “Heartbeat” By Steps

Lots of great options here, but the all black outfits look like something Kim Possible would wear. And any outfit that gets "Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me" stuck in my head is a winner in my eyes.

5. “Oops (Oh My)” By Tweet Feat. Missy Elliott

How hot is that fur coat? Uh, it melted the ice sculpture that Missy Elliott was trapped in. That’s how hot it is.

6. “Ironic” By Alanis Morissette

Here are not one, not two, not three, but four winter-friendly, Alanis-approved ensembles.

7. “Winter Song” By Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Want to channel this adorable animated clip? Be sure to use light pink lipstick to draw hearts underneath your eyes.

8. “Temperature” By Sean Paul

The snowsuits featured in this video are perfect for anyone who has ever thought, Ugh, if only it wasn't so difficult to dance in my snow clothes. Darn this bulky snowsuit!

9. “Baby” By Brandy

Always love a good goggle.

10. “Early Winter” By Gwen Stefani

Black turtleneck + black eyeliner + tousled updo = wintertime Gwen glamour.

11. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” By The Backstreet Boys

Be still, my chunky sweater-loving heart!

12. “Let It Snow” By Jessica Simpson

Want to add a pop of color to your neutral-heavy look? A cherry red umbrella is always a solid move.

13. “Who Is It?” By Björk

Not only is this dress a work of art, but it also appears to be warm enough to shield you from the chilly Icelandic weather.

14. “Coldest Winter” By Kanye West

I’ve never been to a winter masquerade ball, but I like to picture ball guests dressed like the woman in this video.

15. “White Is In The Winter Night” By Enya

Oh, this is another really choice winter masquerade ball look. If I am ever fortunate enough to score a winter masquerade ball invite, I will be sure to draw from “Coldest Winter” and “White Is In The Winter Night.”

16. “Love Like Winter” By AFI

When in doubt, wear a dramatic cloak.

17. “Started From The Bottom” By Drake

Bonus points to anyone who matches their winter wear to their car.

18. “Never Had A Dream Come True” By S Club 7

Turtlenecks and fur vests and frosted lipstick, oh my!

19. “Holocene” By Bon Iver

Icelandic wool sweaters are baa. [Shakes head at both the corny baa/bae pun and at self.]

20. “Stay Down” By Mary J. Blige

MJB’s winter wear collection wipes the floor with everyone else’s winter wear collection. Just flawless look after flawless look after flawless look.

21. “Fighter” By Christina Aguilera

If all else fails, just go full moth queen.

Rumor has it that Old Man Winter used to have a fur newsboy cap (and yes, the purchase was inspired by the "All I Have" vid). What happened to the hat? Well, according to another rumor, a groundhog snatched the cap right off of Old Man Winter's noggin, scurried underground, and was never heard from again. And according to anotherrumor, Old Man Winter cries sleet every time he sees the J. Lo and LL Cool J video. Who would've thought a white furry cap from an early aughts music video would be the thing that melted Old Man Winter's heart?

Image: JenniferLopezVEVO/YouTube