This 'Game Of Thrones' Character's Changed A Lot

Everyone who watches Game Of Thrones has their personal favorites, from Tyrion's intellect and his love of all crippled, bastardized, and broken, to Dany and her quest, to Jon Snow's pouty face and impressive hair game. Often on that more popular list of favorites (sorry Stannis) is Game of Thrones' Arya Stark, the headstrong youngest Stark girl portrayed by Maisie Williams, queen of Vine. With Season 4 of Game Of Thrones creeping ever toward us at about the pace of the Song Of Ice and Fire general storyline, Williams recently spoke to the Sante Fe Reporter about all things Arya, and of course it caught my eye, because Arya is great.

On what's shocked her the most about Arya's evolution:

How ruthless she’s become. She’s always been a fan favorite because she’s kind of funky and she says what she thinks and feels and stands up to some pretty evil characters — I think that’s kind of sweet. And then you get to see this other side to her, where she becomes more brutal and a lot more ruthless — I think it’s a little risqué because this lovable character that you used to know is now taken away and she’s not quite as appealing anymore, maybe. She’s a little bit more…scary.

On why you shouldn't rely on her for spoilers on what's next for the Song Of Ice and Fire series:

I met George for the first time back home when we were shooting the pilot episode, before anything had ever been commissioned. He’s such a mastermind; it’s kind of crazy how he has all this stuff in his head. I take my hat off to him because I get confused and I have a script by my side and I’m being helped through the story by someone else. To actually make this up, I think that’s just phenomenal. He’s a really lovely guy and I don’t see him as often as I would like to, but when I do see him and we happen to catch up, he never tells me anything about Arya’s upcoming storyline — which is kind of annoying — I’ll just have to wait and see it alongside the rest of the world, I guess.

And on Jack Gleeson, the actor behind the petulant King Joffrey:

That he’s just the most funny, sweet guy of the cast, I’d say. I think people expect him to be evilin real life or whatever and he doesn’t do any of the fan things, because of the kind of reception he always gets. People are always hating on him and stuff but he’s the sweetest guy ever. I take my hat off to him; he’s doing a fantastic job. But it is sad, the rest that comes with it.

Game Of Thrones' fourth season doesn't premiere until April 6, so you still have some pining left to do. In the meantime you can read the full interview here. And hey, world! Be nice to Jack Gleeson!

Image: HBO