Where To Buy Floating Bonsai Trees

by Kat George

If you're a human this week you've probably been spending a lot of tim trying to figure out where to buy floating bonsai trees. If you've been away from your keyboard, you might have missed this important development in desk decor — the floating bonsai tree. The floating bonsais have been developed by the The Hoshinchu Team in Japan, and are called "Air Bonsai" because not only is that what they are, the title sounds pretty cool too. The Air Bonsai consist of an "energy base" (the part that sits on your desk, which is made of porcelain) and a "little star" (the part that floats), and each part has a magnet inside that causes an opposing, but equal (hello high school physics!) reaction in the other, which is what makes the bonsai float.

The levitating bonsai will set you back a cool $200, and if you want to help the designers behind floating bonsai get their show on the road, you can donate to the Air Bonsai Kickstarter (which has already exceeded its $80,000 goal to raise $407,393 so far). The only catch is that because of export restrictions, you'll have to purchase your own plant wherever you are, and insert it into the "little star" part yourself.

Eventually, you'll be able to purchase the Air Bonsai from the Hoshinchu Team (whether they will expand to other retailers is yet to be seen), but if you want to get in a pre-order, you can do so by donating to the team's Kickstarter. Various donations, from as little at $15, will set you up with different parts of the Air Bonsai set up. Full kits start at $230 and go up to $10,000. Check out what you can get for your donation below:

Meanwhile, if you're completely obsessed with the idea of FLOATING THINGS ON YOUR DESK, you can satiate your desire while you wait for the Air Bonsai with one of these other miraculous floating home wears:

1. Levitating Speaker

Music Angel Levitating Speaker, $90, Amazon

A levitating speaker looks like some kind of crazy futuristic orb ripped straight off a Star Wars set. Give yourself the gift of music AND cool floatiness with a levitating bluetooth speaker.

2. A Floating Cloud Couch

This one is just conceptual — designers D.K. & Wei created it as a futuristic design concept. But it looks pretty sweet right? And a little Teenage Dream-covery?

3. A Floating Lamp

Silhouette #1 Floating Lamp, €930, Crealev

I mean, if you're got a spare 930 Euros to drop on a lamp, why not make it one with a levitating shade?

4. A Hovering Lounger

I can't find where you can buy this chair online, but as a "chair of the future" you expect to have one in your home by 2030 (JK, I have no idea if these things will take off). I can't imagine this thing is cheap either.

Photos: YouTube (2); Kickstarter