Is Razoring Edges Bad For Hair?

by Lindsey Rose Black

Razoring hair adds punky edges and texture to any cut, but lately I've been wondering if it causes damage. After getting a super cute textured pixie that's causing a lot of unexpected frizz, I haven't been able to stop asking myself, "Is razoring edges bad for hair?" To get to the root of this hairy problem (see what I did there?), I turned to a professional stylist.

Eufora National Trainer and hair stylist, Dana Hodges Caschetta willingly tackled my question. She tells me, "Correct razor cutting is not bad for hair, however incorrect razor cutting can really create some bad damage to the hair! The razor isn't bad—it's how it is being used ... By ruffing up the cuticle from incorrect razor cutting the client will experience a multitude of things from excess fuzz to broken and frayed ends." I knew I wasn't imagining things with my brand new pixie and its frizz struggles.

Caschetta painted a better picture for all of us to understand: "Think of a knife cutting a stick of butter, you cut off a slice and it's a nice clean cut. If you were to run that same knife over the top of the stick, that butter is going to curl up with lots of grooves and ridges from the knife!" Totally makes sense.


Fortunately, if you're in the same post-razoring damaged hair boat, Caschetta offered a treatment solution.

Beautifying Serum

Eufora Beautifying Serum For Hair, $31, Amazon

"If a client is experiencing this damage I would recommend Eufora's leave-in repair treatment, Beautifying Serum," Caschetta advises. "This has extensive repairing properties and antioxidants, but mostly has the brilliant technology of 18-MEA to seal and lubricate the cuticle again, smoothing down fuzz and shredded ends!"

If the serum is a little out of your budget, an alternative is pure argan oil.

Argan Oil

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil, $20, Amazon

It's one of the key ingredients in the above beautifying serum, and you can run it through your hair daily to promote smoothness and healing.

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