Prada's Spring 2014 Promo Video Is a Fashion Addict's Dream

Prada has a reputation for making avant garde advertisements that could easily be mistaken for modern art, but their Spring 2014 campaign is truly incomparable. In a two-minute promo video, Prada's sporty couture-bedecked models act as the front row fashion set, stealing attention from the main event. From sparkling strapless bustiers to vibrantly colored tennis dresses, Prada's spring collection is crayon-box colorful and just a bit outlandish. Prada's press release explained the artistic inspiration behind the Steve Meisel-directed short, saying:

The spectators become the spectacle…From the tennis, to the cinema, at the concert, the playful participants upstage the show wherever they go.

The models attend a series of sporting and art events, and their reactions are captured as they sit facing Meisel's camera, all punctuated by corresponding sound effects. Based on their performances, we don't suggest that any of the featured models quit their day jobs to act, but the video does make some interesting points about the function of fashion in modern culture.

Prada's campaign represents fashion as a fun, interactive form of entertainment in itself. And like any good work of art, great clothing shouldn't be too serious. Prada's spring collection is clearly for the girl who loves to take in and respond to her surroundings, from rowdy sports games to fashion week, but only if she can steal some of the attention with her quirky, modern style.

Prada on YouTube

Image: Prada