KathleenLights & ColourPop Release Lumiere 2

by Kali Borovic

Stop what you're doing because this surprise beauty launch is big news. In honor of her birthday, beauty vlogger KathleenLights made a video announcing the release of a new lipstick in collaboration with ColourPop, Lumiere 2, which features the well-loved color in a new formula. It's been a year since her first lip collaboration with the company was released, but from the looks of the launch video, this was definitely worth the wait. Run, don't walk to the computer, because this gorgeous product is selling on right now, and it's going fast.

If you loved the Lippie Stix version of Lumiere, then I'm sure you'll be excited to hear that the shade now comes in liquid lipstick form, too. Unlike the first edition, which has a bit of a satin-y texture, this one's for all the ultra-matte lip lovers out there.

According to her video introducing the product, the original Lumiere lipstick was the first collaboration she ever did with a brand, back when she had just 200,000 subscribers. Now, at 1.7 million subscribers, she had the opportunity to relaunch the same shade in a new formula. I love that she announced in on her birthday, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of awesome beauty to her fans.

The gorgeous liquid lipstick can be all yours for just $6. KathleenLights is known for using lots of affordable makeup that works on many different skin tones, and the makeup she creates is no different. Check out the beautiful shade below.

Lumière 2, $6, ColourPop

"Ever since ColorPop has launched its liquid lipsticks, I have gotten emails, messages, Twitter... a bunch of people have told me I should launch a liquid lipstick version of Lumiere," she says in her video. "It was insane how many people asked me to do that."

Because Lumiere 2 is a new formula, it turns out slightly darker than the original shade when swatched, but it's pretty darn close. "They sent me a bunch of shades of different liquid lipsticks that were similar to Lumière, she says in her video. "They tried their best to get a color that was really close to Lumière, but since they're totally different formulas, it was a little bit difficult."

I'd say they did a pretty good job!

She even swatched all the ColourPop liquid lipsticks that were similar in color to Lumiere 2. The new shade stands out as a little less cool toned than the rest, which makes it perfect for a variety of different skin colors. Add that to that the fact that it's only $6 and I'd say it's a clear winner for lipstick lovers everywhere.

There are plenty of other tutorials using ColourPop favorites on her channel, so now's the time to catch up if you haven't already. She's a fan of affordable makeup, which is one of the many reasons why her fans love her so much. Here are a few other products you can add to your cart while your there for Lumiere 2!

1. Lumiere Lippie Stix

In one of her more colorful tutorials, she combines a gorgeous green eyeshadow with the original Lumiere lip pencil and Lippie Stix version. It doesn't get more gorgeous than this.

Lumière, $5, ColourPop

2. Porter Super Shock Eyeshadow

She creates this look using two of the four eyeshadow shades that she created for her "Where The Night Is" eyeshadow quad. The lip color was also one of her ColourPop collabs.

Porter, $5, ColourPop

3. Polliwog Lippie Stix

If you're into feminine shades and lots of glitter, then this tutorial is for you. She uses her Where The Light Is eyeshadow quad and finishes off her gorgeous bronzed eye look with a subtle ColourPop lip shade.

Where The Light Is, $20, ColourPop

4. Get Lucky Metallic Eyeshadow

This super quick tutorial is all about the metallic gold eye. It combines all ColourPop shades to show you how well they work together.

Get Lucky, $5, ColourPop

5. Grunge Lippie Stix

Grunge is in and this beauty tutorial proves it. With a simple eye and a bold lip, you can focus on the gorgeous ColourPop hue.

Grunge, $5, ColourPop

6. Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlight

For a simple, glowing beauty look, this is the perfect tutorial. It's subtle but still absolutely stunning, and the ColourPop highlight makes it even more dewy.

Wisp, $8, ColourPop

7. Telepathy Metallic Eyeshadow

Another one of Lights collabs, she uses one of her Where The Night Is eyeshadows to create a bold and beautiful party look.

Telepathy, $5, ColourPop

You can't beat gorgeous and affordable!

Images: KathleenLights; Youtube (3), ColourPop (8)