Violinist Plays 'Star Wars' Theme With Lightsabers

This video of a violinist using a lightsaber as a bow will have you day dreaming about what a whole Star Wars-themed symphony might look like (Answer: Awesome). The video was created by Hong-Kong-based high school senior Jeffrey Ding He, and features four versions of him synced together to play Star Wars' “Force Theme,” composed by the legendary John Williams. Not content to simply wow viewers with his musical skills, Ding He chose to replace his boring old violin bow with multicolored lightsabers. The video is pretty and super nerdy at the same time, and, therefore, I love it.

To be fair, Ding He isn’t actually using a lightsaber as a violin bow — that seems like it would be incredibly impractical, as the blade would instantly cut the violin in half, and then we'd all be SOL. He writes that he created the glowing lightsaber effect using HitFilm, a painstaking process that required twenty hours of frame-by-frame editing for a single section.

Ding He has posted videos of his playing before (including a cover of Adele’s “Hello”), but he wanted to mix it up this time. He told, “For this video, I was consciously trying to come up with something more creative than my old videos.” He added that the idea for this video came to him after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He said, “I suddenly realized I could try to make my violin bow look like a lightsaber.”

Watch and listen:

Images: YouTube (2)