9 Hacks For Taming Winter Hair Static

by Emily McClure
A hair dryer, also known as a blow dryer, is an electrical device used to dry and style hair.
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No one wants to leave the house with frizzy, unmanageable hair. It's a complete confidence ruiner! Tame your mane by knowing how to combat static in your hair this winter. No more hiding behind beanies and scarves. Fix your strands by knowing how to eliminate unwanted static. What's great is that not only do these beauty hacks require little to no effort, but they also work for every hair type. No frizzy hair will be left behind. It's time to take charge of your winter hair routine.

According to New York Magazine, static is produced when your hair looses moisture and vital electrons. In short, your strands start to repel one another due to their positive charge, which in turn causes them to become frizzy and filled with static. Basically, blame the dry air for your frizzy hair. In order to reduce the added poof in your locks, you need to restore your hair's natural moisture. Whether you choose to turn to deep conditioning treatments or static-free clothing, there are tons of ways to prevent these bad hair days. Don't let the dry winter air get the best of your strands. Seal in moisture by turning to these nine hair hacks. They're the easiest way to ensure healthy, manageable hair.

1. Dryer Sheets

Bounce Dryer Sheets, $3, Jet

Yes, the beauty myth is totally true. Fight off flyaways and hair static by rubbing a dryer sheet through your hair. The Huffington Post suggested to take this hack a step further by using dryer sheets along your pillows and hair tools to stop static cling from the source.

2. Silcone-Based Conditioner

Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner, $10, Amazon

Forget what you've heard. Not all silicone-based hair products should be avoided. In fact, if you have frizzy or static charged hair, you should actually be reaching for these products. According to, silicone has the power to lock in moisture, seal strands, and add shine to your hair. This is exactly what you need to prevent static cling.

3. Natural Bristle Brush

Brush, $12, Amazon

While these brushes tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional plastic hair brushes, the bristles are perfect for lending a hand to sensitive strands. According to, natural bristle brushes help to distribute your hair's natural oils, while adding shine and reducing any static. Now, I would say that definitely worth the few extra bucks.

4. Lotion

Hand Cream, $12, Amazon

If you're in a bind, try taming your strand with a small dollop of hand cream. The product works by weighing down your strands, while adding a bit a shine, according to the team at

5. Spraying Your Brush With Hairspray

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Brushing your hair can sometimes only make the fluffy static look worse. Control your frizz by spritzing your hair brush with hairspray. According to Self, it helps to reduce static without adding any heavy products.

6. Avoid Plastic Combs

Comb, $6, Fendrihan

Ditch your plastic combs this winter. The team at Glamour reported that plastic combs and brushes tend to emphasize static in your hair. Reduce any frizz by using metal tools instead. The metal works by absorbing the electric charge that can cause static. #TheMoreYouKnow

7. Reach For An Ionic Hair Dryer

Dryer, $40, Amazon

When it comes to drying your hair this winter, consider reaching for an ionic blow dryer instead. These dryers work by balancing the natural electric charges in your hair (i.e. can help prevent static), while quickly heating the strands, according to the experts at Self.

8. Crank Up The Humidifier

Humidifier, $30, Amazon

Static is typically caused by a lack of moisture. The suggests that you can prevent any bad hair days by investing in a humidifier. These tools help to admit moisture into the air that your hair desperately needs.

9. Use A Dry Oil

Dry Oil, $34, Kiehl's

Add shine, reduce static, and improve the overall health of your strands by applying a dry hair oil to your ends. It's an easy way to ensure happy, healthy hair.

Stop suffering from static-filled hair. Banish the frizz forever by using one of these cool hair hacks. It'll ensure that you have the best winter hair ever.

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