The One Hat All The It Girls Are Going Crazy Over

Hats are hands down one of my favorite accessories, so whenever a new style is popularized, I'm all over it, but the latest one is slightly unexpected. ICYMI — all the It girls are wearing baseball caps right now, also affectionally known as "dad hats." If there's one hat you add to your collection this winter, that has to be it.

Normcore is still a huge trend as of late, and nothing epitomizes the trend quite like the dad hat. Sorry, fedoras, you're so last year. But, OK, what actually is a dad hat? It's basically a trendy term for a baseball cap. Let's call it what it is, folks — but it does have a couple defining characteristics. A dad hat must be canvas or cotton (no swanky leather up in here), have a curved brim, and be a slightly oversized. Because it's made for a dads head, duh!

It doesn't exactly sound like the kind of item that would become a huge fashion trend, but oh, it is. And the bright side is that unlike fedoras and floppy hats, dad hats don't have to cost you a whole lot of money. In fact, the cheaper, the more authentic. Because your dad would never spend, like, over $20 on a hat. You know it's true.

Still not convinced? Allow Rihanna to demonstrate its chicness.

LBD, meet LBDH.

Gigi Hadid's dad hat makes her otherwise seriously fierce outfit a little more casual.

Kendall Jenner also wore one on her vacation with Harry Styles.

Even North West is wearing one. Enough said.

If you want to try out the dad hat trend, here are a few suggestions to shop.


'47 Natural ’47 Clean Upl; $19.47;

The most normcore thing of all is plain, neutral colors.


’47 Sandalwood Movement ’47 Clean Up; $19.47;

If you like patterns, camo adds some edge without being too flashy.


New York Mets ’47 Clean Up; $20;

Do like real dads do and rep a sports team.

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Images: Courtesy of '47