5 Reasons Why Sexting Is The Hottest Foreplay

by Emma McGowan

I’m so all about sexting. Whether you’re talking dirty in text, over messenger, or even getting deep in page-long emails, sexting is the best foreplay. I think of all of the ways that technology has enhanced our sex lives in the past decade or so, sexting is hands down the best enhancement. Actually, maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s the hottest form of pre-foreplay; the step before the physical part that gets you hot and bothered.

In addition to the fact that it can happen over a wide range of devices, I’d like to clarify that sexting doesn’t have to include pics. If you’re into that, then awesome! Get your selfie on. But if you’re not, you can get hella descriptive with words alone. Take a hint from any erotica (and I personally recommend Literotica, obviously NSFW) for inspiration on how to get started describing exactly who you want to be doing with what and where. Choosing to use words alone is also a bit safer, perhaps, than sending out images that could be uploaded or forwarded to anywhere and everywhere but like I said: If you’re into sexy selfies, do you! (And this app could help you sext safer.)

Why else should you definitely be adding sexting to your foreplay routine? Keep reading for the top five reasons it’s the hottest.

1. You Can Do It Anywhere

At work. On the bus. At the bar when you’re bored. There’s nothing hotter than getting away with a steamy sexting session that no one knows about. It’s like exhibitionism minus the risks!

2. It Gets You Hot Throughout The Day

It’s a well-known fact that most people — and especially women — need some pre-intercourse arousal before any kind of penetration is going to happen. Sexting is a great way to get yourself worked up throughout the day, which means as soon as you get home you can jump right into either a self-love session or hot, hot sex with a partner.

3. Your Imagination Can Run Wild

Unlike visual porn — or even IRL sexing — sexting lets you use your imagination. You can even get into some seriously random fantasies that aren’t even possible. It’s also a great way to explore fantasies that maybe you don’t really want to explore in real life but still really turn you on. So get thinking: What are your wildest dreams?

4. You Get To Show Off Your Sexiest Self

There’s no better confidence booster than taking a hot, hot selfie and sending it out to turn someone on. You get to pick one that makes you feel the most flawless and that, my friends, makes it extra hot.

5. It’s Like Personalized Erotica

If you’re one of those people who loves written erotica, then sexting is just like a personalized version of it! Instead of trying to imagine yourself in a character’s place, you get to actually be the character. So. Hot.

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