Where To Shop The Newly Diversified Barbies

Well, it's official! The plastic doll that brings back major memories of childhood for women across the globe is finally getting a makeover. That's right, Barbie is getting three new body shapes and seven new skin tones in 2016. It's about time, don't you think? Now that we know the exciting news is for real, only one question remains — where can you buy the new and improved Barbies?

After many years of scrutiny for portraying an unrealistic body image, it seems the company behind the iconic figure has decided to get on-board with the changing times and increase Barbie's diversity. Mattel revealed to TIME magazine that Barbie will now come in three additional shapes — petite, tall, and curvy. While there are many more body types than just these three, it's a pretty good start.

According to Mattel's website, the 2016 Barbie line will include "four body types, seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles," in a project they are aiming to call The Evolution of Barbie, with even a hashtag to match — #TheDollEvolves.

Dying to see these babies in person already? Good news, you totally can. According to Time, the new Barbies are sold online at starting January 28th and will be hitting retail stores later in 2016.

So, are you ready to see the new dolls?!


I'm really feeling this funky blue hair.

Hello realistic body proportions!


Looks like they're getting it right.

Check out that awesome fiery red mane.


Slay, petite Barbie.

The up-do is such a refreshing change.

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Images: Mattel (7)