Why Parents Should Consider Stroller "Tuneups"

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Anyone with kids knows that strollers take a serious beating as they transport growing children. Juvenile brand UPPAbaby is helping parents to maintain the quality and safety of their strollers by holding stroller “Tune Up” events all over the country. At these events, moms and dads can bring in their UPPAbaby strollers for cleaning and maintenance, and get expert advice on how to keep their strollers rolling smoothly and safely. Last year, UPPAbaby held more than fifty Tune Ups, and, this year, they are expanding their service to include “Car Seat 101.”

According to UPPAbaby’s Tune Up expert, Sam Osborne, strollers need regular maintenance, just like cars do. She told Hint Mama,

I like to say that just like how you tune up a bike or a car after a certain number of miles or time used if you want it to last, you’ll want to tune up your stroller every three to six months. We also compare it to an oil change every 3,000 miles.

At Tune Up events, experts clean strollers, make sure their wheels are working properly, adjust straps to fit their young passengers, and answer customer questions. Osborne explained in a press release,

We know family life is busy and our Tune Up events provide a maintenance service for strollers, a touch point with customers, and an opportunity to pass along tips and tricks to keep your stroller running like new year after year.

To raise awareness of its Tune Up program, UPPAbaby teamed up with Collab, a digital content and creator development studio, to create a video of a Tune Up in action. Eamon Brennan, Collab Creative Director, said of UPPAbaby’s stroller maintenance program, “The Tune Up was a wonderful experience…. I'd love to see more companies offering this level of service to their clients, I've never seen so many happy faces.”

Family vloggers April Orgill of April’s Life and Nat and Wes of Nat and Wes (and the Rest!) have also recently partnered with UPPAbaby to test out the company’s strollers and raise awareness of the Tune Up program. Nat and Wes try out a double stroller with their twins, and April manages to transport an impressive three kids with hers. (Also, THAT BABY.)

Check out their videos below:

To find out more about UPPAbaby’s upcoming Tune Ups, check out the Tune Up website.

Images: YouTube (2)