Are you experiencing post-Grammys pop music fatigue? You know, the "I like music, but I can't feel anything anymore" sensation that happens after you sit through 3.5 hours of awards and performances. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. But guess what? I have just the cure for post-Grammys fatigue. It’s… A NEW KYLIE MINOGUE SONG AND A NEW KYLIE MINOGUE ALBUM TRACK LIST. MINOGUE HEALS ALL!

Last week, Minogue shared the Kiss Me Once album art (ugh, we are not worthy) and leaked a new single. I grabbed my face and yelled, “MORE! MORE! MORE MINOGUE,” and you know what? She didn’t let me down. She never does: Monday morning, the pop icon/former soap star/Voice UK judge/queen of my heart released her upcoming album's track list (which, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG) and a lyric video for first single “Into the Blue.” Kiss Me Once will drop March 18. Minogue's last album was 2010's Aphrodite and her last single was 2012's "Timebomb," so yeah, I am READY for Kiss Me Once.

Though the song leaked last week, I’m still so stoked about “Into the Blue.” I never want to stop listening to it. The track is fun, dance-pop perfection. And Minogue sounds fantastic. FANTASTIC. In the video, the handwritten lyrics flash across the screen as she dances around. And Minogue looks fantastic. FANTASTIC. And that’s just the lyric video. I can’t wait for the music video. Because, uh duh, a Kylie Minogue music video is a force to be reckoned with.

Here's the track list for Kiss Me Once (DYING over "Sexercize"):

1. Into The Blue2. Million Miles3. I Was Gonna Cancel4. Sexy Love5. Sexercize6. Feels So Good7. If Only8. Les Sex9. Kiss Me Once10. Beautiful11. FineAnd bonus tracks!12. Mr. President13. Sleeping With The Enemy

And here's the lyric video for "Into the Blue":

Image: camoccino/tumblr