Multi-Use Beauty Products That Haven't Quite Been Marketed That Way

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I used to laugh at those body wash/shampoo/conditioner hybrids marketed at men. They had a do-it-all attitude that I found hilarious: "Showering takes too long? This ONE PRODUCT will clean your hair, trim your toenails, and buy your girlfriend a thoughtful gift, just because!" I, in all my feminine glory, scoffed at the idea of a multi-use product; after all, why use one product when you could use FIVE, one of which smells like roses and has the word "brightening" in the title?

But a lifetime of product hoarding results not in particularly glowing skin, but in really gross bathroom shelves. (Why do they get so sticky, you guys?) While I totally agree that less is more, I don't necessarily trust beauty companies to tell me that. Here are some products that do double-duty just fine, even though their manufacturers haven't straight-up said so. How illicit does this feel?

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