This Coloring Book Soothes Your Tinder Horrors

Navigating Tinder can be a bit of a minefield: "Ooh great beard, but damn! He has a tiger photo" or "Hey, she's cute! Oh yikes, bad tattoos." Here to validate the ups and downs of swiping left and right is "Colour a Lover," a Tinder-themed adult activity book with coloring pages to destress your digital love-scorned mind.

"Colour a Lover" was illustrated by Australian artist Adam Seymour, who noticed an interesting parallel between Tindering and coloring as a leisure activity. He told Huffington Post:

"Adult coloring books have become really trendy, especially with research emerging showing the therapeutic qualities it has. It's also a fun way to zone out ... similar to the hours we spend online looking for love. I thought this was an interesting parallel. Rather than doing another art exhibition, I wanted to introduce an interactive element to my work, whilst putting a new spin on the coloring book trend. The activity book also has the hashtag #ColourALover so people can upload snaps of their colorful creations in response to my work. I can't wait to see what people come up with."

The coloring pages come with cute activities like the aforementioned "choose the terrible tattoo for this hunky bod," "find the hidden pizza slices in this messy bro's bedroom," and, sure to be an instant classic, "solve this hipster's beard maze. Check out some of the activities available in the book below, and purchase your very own copy of "Colour a Lover" here.

1. Pick-A-Tat

2. Jemma's Mystery Cuddle Bud

3. Dave's Beard Maze

4. Find Matthew's Hidden Pizza

5. Choose Your Own Adventure

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Images: Courtesy of Adam Seymour (6)